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We are getting raided again. Some kike puppet makes a pseudo anti-feminism thread every day. It has zero informational value in the OP, just produces awful pictures with spelling errors to make us look bad and scare young women off.

>modern feminism is based on lies; women don't earn less than men

>stay-at-home mothers are happier than "independent" girls obsessed with career

>parents live longer

>women become unhappier since the 70s, analogous to modern feminism

>women don't work IT jobs not because men tell them they can't (which this "Destiniy" cuck is asserting) but because they don't want to and it's mostly bullied boys prone to autonomy who want such jobs, meanwhile feminism propaganda is all over media and it's annoying and cringe-worthy

>Trump said dumb things but he was the only chance to stop Hillary who made fun of the traditional housewife

>as a lawyer, she literally defended a guy who raped a little girl and is married to a rapist herself - she literally finds rape funny

>she also killed countless innocent women and children being obsessed with war - she literally finds war funny


Women are not stupid. They need facts, though, facts MSM is ignoring. They want to be happy and have an adventurous life. Feminism and "fucking around" quantity over quality DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY. There are studies and data that PROVE that women who fuck around cannot bond to a mate and are destined to be alone or cheat and just basically be unhappy with any relationship. Part of this is due to bonding chemicals (oxytocin for one) which is also "contained" in saliva AND semen and passes to the woman, but the more different sources of this she receives the less able she is to actually respond to it properly/biologically and form a bond with any male. It's much of the same reason lesbians have such a high rate of splitting up and spousal abuse, because they cannot convey to each other the proper amount of bonding chemicals and eventually they realize they're living in a relationship with someone have no attachment to and who just pisses them off.
Exposing the shills.
File: behind post.jpg (14 KB, 360x517)
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Bruh, it's not going to stop us. Just tell (((them))) to stop trying. Or better yet, hopefully you'll get fired for not "shutting it down"
Why do you make this "((())))" in every single post and post this picture 20 times per thread?

You don't fit in, Soros shill. We are not even doing this kind of shit anymore.
(((shills))) might not. But true /pol/lacks do
I don't understand. From my experience, pregnant women make non pregnant jelly as fuck and cluckly
>scare young women off
Who cares
Women are ruthlessly stupid. They kill their babies so that they can keep on fucking around which results in men no longer valuing them as partners but now viewing them as mere objects to stick your dick in.
>says we need facts
>lazily posts a few links
>doesn't make infographics or organize pics
>OP gives vague directive

It's like you're not even trying to get people on board with your meme scheme.
The problem now is a lot of well funded 'digital media solution' companies ie shareblue, CTR, applied memetics etc are well aware at how affective 4chan /pol/ is at pushing memes into the mainstream and swaying public opinion faster than well established kike media companies.

So the next thing we are starting to push is to get back to our 14/88 roots of promoting traditional marriage and a future for white children. Now we have shills like you trying these new but retarded tactics to counter meme. The shilling will fail but alt-fem will succeed only if we can be bothered to continue it. It will be easy to make it succeed with Gen Z being red pilled and the general swing of the pendulum going right again. I am glad my wife is the same and we have a beautiful aryan son together.
This calls for a white women in wheat field thread.
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Pregnancy and motherhood are sexy. Reject the degeneracy of feminism.
Lmao dude "talking like aliens", "trying to fit in"?

Quit being autistic it's obviously just a girl posting them

probably a qt too
Alt-Fem shills sucks - got it!
I noticed they were awfully retarded, but guessed it was too much enthusiasm and not enough clue.

Should have realized from the start it was a bunch of shills. Not even teenagers are that inexperienced about women.
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Look, OP abandoned his little movement. Knew he wasn't serious.

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