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How do we end the tranny problem?
Bullets do the job nicely.

ignore it
Or, rather, turn it around and instead of telling them to own it, we classify it as the mental disorder that it is and make treatment for it.
Or kill em
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It will eventually go away once the culture changes to make it less glorified. Right now it's never been easier to be a woman or a tranny, so there's a significant benefit to making yourself like pic related. It's changing already.

a percentage of a percentage is not a problem. when you give undesirable behavior attention, the percentage grows no matter what we're taking about.
The left is already turning against them, its a non-problem that will sort itself out
File: M72law1.jpg (1.21 MB, 3264x1836)
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Soft kisses and butt touching
I'm sure we have a more efficient mixture than zyklon b by now
File: 1488137271757.png (94 KB, 500x590)
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You need some sort of... Solution?

They end themselves
File: Emmeline_Pankhurst21.jpg (10 KB, 300x341)
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You will have to unite Feminists and Conservatives.
>It will be beautiful.
>This madness must be stopped from insane definition.

If Gender is entirely divorced from Sex, then what the fuck are you chopping off bits to become?
What is it that you are becoming if the very definition of Woman and Man is not defined?

What is a woman?
>It's whatever i want it to be
But you are a man who chopped his dick off. You may feel like a woman. Fine. But you are not a woman.
>Yes I am
>Being a woman is not about your sex, it's about gender.
So what is a woman as defined by gender?
>It's me with my women clothes and makeup and me dick chopped off. But it's not about the body.

Emeline Pankhurst should rise from the dead and Bitch slap these utter retarded self-absorbed mutilated freaks of flesh. (Moss Side respect)
Women didn't fight to have a man lop his dick off and claim he too has "Struggled" against Patriarchy and Misogyny. That in itself is misogynist.
>ooh, I as a man can make a better woman than a natural born woman.

Be whatever the fuck you want; stop forcing me to also accept your self-identity as being a natural part of taxonomy and science.

You're not a woman;
>You're a man who's chopped his dick off to try to be a woman you freak.
File: 1489704725680.png (101 KB, 619x602)
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Install an automated chemical reactor that mixes vinegar with bleach every time a tranny walks in to such restroom. This should reduce their population by 95%
Get the estrogen out of our food.

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