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OK /pol/, here me out; The term "white" is complete bullshit. It's a fucking racial slur. What comes to mind when you hear the term "white"? - blandness, emptiness, absence of color. No matter what the term will have negative connotations - the jews have made sure of this. You always see black comedians making fun of white people and how "vanilla" we are. Make one criticism of "black" people and you will be painted a racist nazi, while at the same time it is completely ok to shit all over "white people." You might think this is just a double standard (even if it were, it's still wrong but that's not the point,) but it's not it's different. It's because "white people" don't exist. When you make fun of black people, it's usually based on nigger activity that they actually do, but when "white" people get made fun of, it's all bullshit - a caricature of what we really are, who we really are - Europeans.
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We need to stop calling ourselves "white" and start calling ourselves Europeans. This is a small task that takes little effort, but could have big results. Anything referred to as white has already been ingrained in peoples minds as bad,

>white nationalism
>white pride
>white power

What do you think comes to mind when normal people hear this? Racism, nazis, the kkk, pic related. I’m not saying these ideas are bad, it’s just that average people will never accept those terms for what they really mean. European pride is a lot more palatable than white pride.
Using the term European would also make it harder for them to be racist towards us. Obviously they will still push anti-European propaganda, but when people hear:

>I fucking hate European people

It sounds a lot worse to our fellow Europeans than:

>I hate white people

This is because "European" is an actual identity, unlike "white." When normal people hear anti-white racism, they don't fucking care because "white identity" isn't fucking real. Normal people generally do not identify as "white." But if they hear people going off about hating Europeans, they will actually get mad, because the term brings to mind an actual thing, a common denominator, the homeland we all came from.
File: 1488208474385.jpg (2.94 MB, 3800x1904)
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It will also be harder for them to divide us - you've seen the threads - Greek people aren't "white," Portuguese people aren't "white," Italians aren't "white," the list goes on, but we are all European.
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I'm not fucking "white," and neither are you.

We are European.
cool story fag
Those guys look Mexican as fuck.
File: 1505193145494.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
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ayyy amerimuts trying to be European. TOP KEK MONGRELS.
>bugerland wants to stop being targeted by niggers in exchange for being targeted by mudslimes
Same shit, different name
america was and was made to be a european nation for all europeans, not the border hopping mexicans or the job stealing gooks or the chimping nigs.

so yes, i have european lineage and bloodlines, fuck off.

besides we're gonna have to save your country since literally no fucking other country has a substantial conservative/right leaning populace.

your welcome in advance, yuropoor.
tru desu
See this is the problem, americans are Europeans (mostly) and they need to identify as such, because when they just identify as americans, you get racemixing civic nationalists with no sense of pride in their people
Hahahhahahhahha okay
>divide us
That shit tier meme was created by Anglo-Portuguese mongrel in Canada. Aka a person who doesn't belong to Canada since it was build by Germanics for Germanics. Say what you want but nothing in Southern and Southeastern Europe is racially European

Deal with it mongrels
i largely agree although meaning can be changes. I wish their was a shorter better word for us though, maybe Aryan but that doesn't apply to all Indo Europeans, just Indians and Persians.

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