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/pol movers too fast to get a semi-coherent thread

hows your saturnday going /aus/sies
Riddle me this /pol

Why does a website even need maintenance?
> Running a bit low on grease lol
> simultaneous happenings
> 57 arrested in egypt for rainbow flag-waving, International Response Required!?
strangely similar to the '58' dead
somebody forgot about IDs
quiet down satan

> It led a dozen states in boycotting a session in January with the first U.N. expert on anti-gay violence and discrimination. It sent a letter last year on behalf of Muslim countries to the secretary-general that led to the exclusion of 22 gay and transgender rights groups from the U.N. General Assembly’s High Level Meeting on Ending Aids.

> On October 1, 2017, reports emerged of an odd interdiction of North Korean arms in August 2016. Acting on a tip from Washington, Egyptian customs officials boarded the Jie Shun, a bulk freighter sailing under the Cambodian flag, as it passed through the Suez Canal. Manned by a North Korean crew and originating from North Korea, the ship carried more than 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades, worth an estimated $23 million. As it turns out, Egyptian businessman were buying grenades on behalf of the Egyptian military, even as Egypt is a major recipient of U.S. aid.

funny how they wait until now to say anything?
What's 8binker
Is cia trying to pull off a jew with this gay stuff
We have to love cia now because they're all gay?

> "Fucking straight people and their country music" pew pew pew
Assuming bullets don't discriminate, there should be like five or six dead gay people (muh 1 in 10) in the vegas crowd?
Or maybe one at least (muh 1 in 50 - courtesy of a london survey)

Or none..?
Brother is standing in front of a red chevy spark license plate 175WUP


can be seen in the interview

Godspeed anons.

Cry RRREEEE and let slip the frogs of war
> TK-421 Stormtrooper Had Secret Gay Romance in A New Hope
MovieWeb-4 Oct. 2017
While fans wait for the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is just over two months away, fans have been getting a slew of new ...
Story image for gay wars from Express.co.uk
Star Wars 8 TICKETS go on sale on MONDAY? Cinema chain ...
Express.co.uk-5 Oct. 2017
STAR WARS 8 fans are waiting for the Last Jedi trailer and for the .... Star Wars GAY characters confirmed - Guess who and what they are?

> There's no conspiracy, everyone just really likes gays now
> It's unrepresentative to not have gays e'erywhere
File: probably.png (25 KB, 890x168)
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horror warning
> They tell me a demon lives inside me
Have you actually tried going to an exorcist tho?
> Sebastian Barry: The pride given to you by your gay child is unquantifiable
Celebrated Irish playwright and novelist > Sebastian Barry was suffering a bout of writer's block - until a revelation by his son caused a creative epiphany, he tells Joanne Hayden

bloody irish again
no grandchildren for you
> proud owner of a dead (/undead) bloodline

Still won't recognize good ol' fashioned aboriginal weddings tho
Do you think my parents should be super-proud if i happened to drop by a sperm bank and make a quick donation?

Raise the bar ireland
Is it not Gaygenics (a portmanu of gay - eugenics) territory

Why wouldn't the cia be into this?
Is vegas just "Cover" for the real "Revelation"

> Fucking CIA is behind the whole gay marriage push?
They went practically 1 for 1, las vegas and egypt...
Pretty coincidental isn't it?
/pol/ is too fucking popular now. Every thread is low effort nothing posts. Noise:signal is screwed up. No real content creators, just spectators
>muh digits
>cryptic symbol i just googled related somehow
Homosexuality is taboo in Egypt among the nation's Muslim majority Christians alike. The country has roughly 77 million Muslims and four million Christians, the vast majority of whom are Coptic.

Seven people were detained for flying the rainbow flag at a concert in Cairo on Monday.

"What happened at the concert cannot be accepted by society. Declaring yourself as a homosexual is not a human right," lawmaker and Egyptian Member of Parliament Shadia Thabit said, as cited by The New Arab.

"How can they openly announce their sins? Don't talk to me about human rights. They should go, get lost far away from us," she said.

Abbas Shouman of the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo described the incident as an "act of moral terrorism," as cited by Egyptian Streets.

At a 2003 meeting of all Christian churches in Egypt, chaired by the former Pope of the Coptic Church, Shenouda III, leaders opposed attempts to legalize homosexual marriage, reports Egypt Independent.

> So who is even pushing for it in egypt then?
File: 1507052115526.gif (765 KB, 504x504)
765 KB
765 KB GIF
What the actual fuck, this faggot is just filling his own thread
> muh cia digits *wink wink
It's not a bad nothing post though
Yeah i haven't really bothered with symbols, everyone knows the cia crest and the rainbow flag so it probably doesn't really add much value...
It's probably enough to get in trouble here xD
just show me how to get to the archived version first plz =)
Just hit CTRL + W and it'll save the thread as a screencap.
> Yes it would be much clearer if i just put it all in one long whole post yes of course
> Or scatterpost across sinking threads

> They need to know what i know ;D
oi zhang chill out a little i know school holidays are over now but there's no reason to lose your mind
File: uytuyt.jpg (74 KB, 980x684)
74 KB
Oh sweet, it's a schizo thread i love these.
File: 1502286733405.jpg (105 KB, 790x700)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
just got back from coles

i saw atleast 10 niggers when i was there and a couple of asians and indians, where the fuck do they come from, why the fuck are africans coming here?

something ive noticed is that the number of nonwhites at coles is highest around 7-9pm, whenever i go shopping at 6-8am there is literally not one single nonwhite
> fucking holiday assignments reee
nah lol, class of '03

Isn't it early am there?

Interesting observations anon
It's like allocated timeslots for white/nonwhite people.. And this is only recent? Or a long-running trend?
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