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Why do pro-traditional marriage (between one man and one woman) organizations have such abysmal public support?

While the National Organization for Marriage has suffered a tremendous setback in 2015, there should still be room politically to reverse the Supreme Court decision or take action at the state level to reverse or stop homosexual "marriage".

When turnout for Marches for Marriage enjoy maybe 50-100 people, its easy to understand that Americans just don't care.

America, you deserve to be destroyed for allowing homosexuality to be legitimized.
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As a gay man, I can confirm that they are superior to us for the mere fact they can reproduce. It's as simple as that. I honestly think that gay men should be subservient to straight men. I often fantasize about finding a chubby nerd type straight guy who's down on himself and has no luck with girls and be his slave and worship him so that he gains confidence and becomes alpha. I'd clean him up, pamper him, let him know he is better just for being straight and set him up with a nice girlfriend.
The french had over 1 million people turn out for a rally to preserve traditional marriage.

I'm ashamed to be an American. For once the Frogs didn't surrender and weak Americans just didn't show up.
File: white-house-rainbow[1].jpg (469 KB, 863x558)
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America is the new Sodom & Gomorrah
Would you do that while trying to appear as a girl as much as possible?

Obviously not to the point of slicing any dicks, but breast implants wouldn't hurt.
Fuck these type of gays. You're pathetic. I'm a Chad gay who doesn't give a fuck what straights think. I can have as many kids as I want. If you honestly think some neck beard loser is better than you because he's attracted to mindless automaton females you're fucked.
So original. S/G didn't let anyone in and treated everyone with rage and contempt. How does let the whole third world America compare? Oh yeah wait there's still that permanently 2% of the pop that is gay. Oh no! Please God help
I just want to be helpful, anon.
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Well then quit being a scum sucking road whore
File: img041[1].jpg (2.9 MB, 2358x3102)
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dismantle Obergefell (dam this faggot must be the most famous gay)

In hell, there is going to be a spot for Obergefell. It will be the gayest spot in hell.
File: i-kissed-a-girl[1].png (296 KB, 502x339)
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I hate how lesbians get a pass the same way women get passes in situations where men would be hauled out into the street and shot.
You're going to have to be more specific on that count.

Also why on earth do you think a gay man sucking a weebs dick and worshiping him will make him any more straight? Why wouldn't you find some cute gay fatty and do the same? You'd actually get more out of it that way.
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The Obama administration will be remembered as the breaking point. The mark after which America was not even a pale shadow of itself, but actively fought against the things its forefathers fought for and shed blood to protect.

The blood of your forefathers is on your hands.
Loki the deceiver here.
>Implying marriage is a worthwhile institution.

Marriage is shit, it's been shit for decades, and it will continue to be shit until the happening. Only suckers and cucks get married.
File: 1450985985121.png (253 KB, 660x443)
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I find it amazing that tradcons have been willing participants in the steady destruction of marriage for decades, but as soon as fags want to get married it's; "oh noes, we can't let the fags destroy the sanctity of marriage!".

The fucking sanctity of marriage, nigga please. Marriage hasn't been sanctified in half a century.

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