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File: thedisappearingman.jpg (619 KB, 1165x796)
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You get to erase one person, one object, and one event from History: what are your picks? Mine are
>Smart phones
>The election of Obama
rural and suburban retards

>The release of Star Wars Ep. 1

think BIG
File: zI1BuuL.png (59 KB, 445x473)
59 KB
>Stanislav Petrov
>Fresh Water
>Invention of Internet

TFW I can finally larp fallout 3
>one event from History
I'll just pray the K-T extinction event away.
Michael cerularius
Marxist manifesto
Modernist heresy outbreak

>Ferndel Xriexes
>Blue Terrpoys
>Nuclear bombing of Shanghai
I was gonna ask "Why Socrates?" but then I remembered how much he corrupted the youth.
That's pretty good.
File: 1440204671593.gif (1.91 MB, 215x161)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
>Nuclear weapons
>Spartacist uprising
>Whatever event led Abraham to believe he was hearing the voice of god and needed to found a religion
File: 1468258739440.png (1.2 MB, 1100x1200)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>Abraham Lincoln
>Communist Manifesto
>assassination of Franz Ferdinand
the ramifications of erasing Lincoln aren't very clear but here's to hoping the Civil War doesn't happen and the niggers are successfully deported
Hell is for ever!
>Social media
>The foundation of Al-Ándalus
File: ! ! STALIN BTFO.jpg (46 KB, 500x337)
46 KB
>Gavrilo Princip
>October Recolution/Russian Civil war
>Karl Marx
>the Koran
>Hitler's rise to power so nationalism would still be acceptable
French revolution(or whatever sparked democracy)
File: 1507170419232.jpg (97 KB, 800x502)
97 KB
>subject line
I stumbled onto that concept and its Wikipedia page two years ago and thought about it frequently for months. I even tried to use it to shape my phenomenal experience of life (thoughts, memory, objects and persons triggering thoughts and memories). Good on you; I've never seen another person mention it.

Noah, the Ark, its being buoyant.
October revoultion was the result of multiple events, think bigger.
Its basicly the most major event that can happen under jewish influence
File: 1506712269223.jpg (69 KB, 736x487)
69 KB
> Yezhov
> Trotskyism
> revisionists
That's the reason why i chose to erase it.
Kornilov affair could have been successful or Provisional Government could have sued for peace with Germans giving up Baltics, Poland, Finland or Lenin and Bolsheviks could have just been outright executed. Personally i would have executed every of Latvian traitors who served Bolsheviks and basically created Soviet Union.

French revolution was the result of multiple events, think bigger.
Its basicly the most major event that can happen under jewish influence

That's your "argument"
Hmm let‘s see:
Kiel revolution guy
Gas masks
Peace negotiations in campeinge, nov.1918
Have fun figuring that one out.
>WW1 without gas masks
Swiss truly understand what it means to be sadistic.
File: Stick Shift.jpg (165 KB, 1024x768)
165 KB
165 KB JPG

Karl Marx

The Automatic Transmission

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
But that is not really the case with the french revolution. Thats basicly the mother of the events of that sort.
>atomic bomb
>pearl harbor

colonial empires would not have collapsed , the west would have a positive fertility , soviet cucks would have collapsed after stalin even faster than without ww2 , nuclear energy would be developened before nuclear weapons , and the list goes.
We would be behind in aerospace and electrinics by 27 years more or less but the social structure of the west would not have degenerated to the point that it is today and kebabs would still be under european control
Invasion of Greece by Italy
File: 1506178534636.gif (15 KB, 240x240)
15 KB
>everyone except OP
>the entire universe and any other parallel universes
>the big bang / creation or whatever you want to call it.

wow get educated kid
Mao, aka the guy who ruined China
The Koran
The holocaust, aka the event that created white guilt
I remove Abraham's rib before god can
File: 1507355560494.png (514 KB, 762x762)
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514 KB PNG
smartphones, if they weren't invented the internet wouldn't be dead right now and all those underage little shit underageb& wouldn't be shitting up the internet with their phones and having no prior experience on how to use a computer. fuck them little shits
>Atom bomb
>French Revolution
My birth
>My ex
>My heart
>Meeting her

>inb4 faggot

Oh Sven, I hope she didn't come to Spain the last summer. A swedish girl, blonde and pale like and angel, sucked my cock with such passion...good summer.
File: GreatScott.png (471 KB, 460x453)
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471 KB PNG
>He destroys the timeline
>Donald Trump
>MAGA hats
>the election of Donald Trump
File: 1503801303064.jpg (401 KB, 800x960)
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401 KB JPG
Are you a shitskin?
Person: Fichte
Object: Satellites
Event: Cold war
The prophet Muhammad
Free pornography
European enslave of Africa

Without Mohammed the middle East would most likely be Christian.

Without free porn it would be thrilling again, degeneracy should be in people's closets.

Without black slaves there would be no white guilt and therefore no brown people in the west.
quick rundown?
Prophet Mohamed
his wife
The French Revolution
File: mqdefault.jpg (11 KB, 320x180)
11 KB
>his wife
Well memed

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