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File: Screenshot_19.png (328 KB, 370x513)
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There's naturally been a lot of wild speculation and outright insanity when it comes to commentary on the MGM shooting. I'm going to go ahead and address some of these points, which most of you won't bother to read because it's not actually about the truth, or the probable conclusion for you, it's about feeding your >>>/x/ fueled ego, your delusions based from (((hollywood), cow a doody, general inexperience, and the necessity to """know""" something the average person doesn't.

>Stephan Paddock was some sort of elite assassin, war machine, killer, etc
There is nothing special about the engagement that the average man couldn't accomplish himself with little, to no military or tactical training. Because Paddock acted on what was/is self-evident in maximising casualties, people have the proclivity to attribute this to some sort of technical knowledge or skills that only particular individuals possess.

To maximise casualties on an enemy target (specifically infantry/troops out in the open) with an *automatic belt-fed weapon system*, the MG utilizes either enfilade, or defilade variations of fire. Paddock utilized what is referred to as enfilade fire. The benefit of enfilading an enemy formation is that, by firing along the long axis, it becomes easier to hit targets within that formation. Enfilade fire takes advantage of the fact that it is usually easier to aim laterally (traversing the weapon) than to correctly estimate the range to avoid shooting too long or short. Additionally, both indirect and direct fire projectiles that might miss an intended target are more likely to hit another valuable target within the formation if firing along the long axis.
File: 1486709024303.jpg (97 KB, 814x473)
97 KB
Rounds do not fire in a straight line but create a cylindrical pattern of travel called the "cone of fire". This cone of fire will impact in an elongated cylindrical shape along the long axis at impact creating what is called "the beaten zone". Imagine the average person's 3 round grouping from 20m with a semi fire weapon system like the ar-15. Most individuals won't have the rounds kissing, much less all three. When stretched per 100m, inches turn into feet off of target. Automatic fire from a non-beltfed weapon system is the most inaccurate, unpredictable, and ineffective fire that can be laid down on a target.
File: YOURPEOPLE.jpg (5 KB, 150x150)
5 KB
>So what does this all mean?
This means that choice to engage the crowd in a fully automatic manner with the weapon systems he was using is a testament to his inexperience and lack of technical knowledge. He didn't capitalize on the appropriate method of fire for his emplaced position from substantial higher ground. He did not place the beaten zone directly on top of his very large, very open target. He chose his engagement position for the large fields of fire it offered, its seclusion offering protection from interference (which he wasn't prepared for), and it's access to 2 sides of the building. This is not only the prefered method to people, but the naturally tendency for untrained individuals- to get as high and much of a visual of the target as possible. Some of the weapons he seemed to use were fitted with magnified optics which would be utterly useless in regards to how he was engaging. The fact that he was wearing gloves as "proof" that he was a "professional" is ridiculous. Google, "what should I bring to the gun range?", to see that gloves are standard PPE for shooting of any sort and will be recommended to use by virtually every source of suggestion. The police reported several jammed weapons which shows an amateurish understanding of the very weapons he was using. It takes no time to clear a malfunction on the AR-15 platform and clearing the malfunction would've been much quicker to begin engaging the target again. The maximum engagement distance of a man sized silhouette (depends on the shooter) with 5.56/2.23 is 500m, 600m for an area target like a truck or a tank. The proclamation that the distance from the MGM to the venue is too large to effectively engage is dead wrong and is the same, if not closer than the average engagement distance in AFG. His "high" number of inflicted casualties is solely due to the density of the target of +20,000 people and a relative failure in terms of potential lethality(thank Christ).
File: Screenshot_10.png (421 KB, 380x494)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
>2 shooters
The entirty of the 32nd floor would've been cleared by SWAT. This means hardknocks and room entry through every single door on the 32nd and eventually the entierity of the building itself. The brass left behind from a second shooter would've been identified immediately and a BOLO would've immediately came accross the scanner for another shooter egressing from X location. The reports from individuals, casinos, and hotels that they were in an active shooter situation is expected and common. The only constant that always remains in gunfights wether from Afghanistan or an active shooter situation is confusion. One of the largest contributors to false positives for active shooters in negihboring locations durring or after one is usually due to walking and transported wounded. It's easy to look back now and say it was "from the 32nd floor of the MGM", but the people on the ground, especially the civilians, while this was occuring had no idea how many shooters there were and where it was coming from. When someone walks into the lobby of their hotel/casino and it's full of shot and wounded people screaming of an active shooter, it'd be odd if the belief that there was a roaming gunman in their location wasn't spread and shared by whoever is in that location. There is not a field of fire from the 4th story of the MGM into the venue AT ALL. The venue was roughly 400m away with a 10 foot fence around the perimeter, the only way to engage it was to get high as Paddock did. There is no logical reason there was a second shooter utilized from a different location, especially if it was a "false-flag". The amount of casualties resulting from 1 shooter is already significantlly lower than expected, much less 2 shooters using rifles (see what Cho accomplished with 2 9mm for comparrison).
File: White.jpg (138 KB, 620x375)
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138 KB JPG
There's a million different ways most of you are dead wrong and I don't really feel like wasting anymore time trying to explain it.

>TL;DR: Paddock was just some guy who wanted to play Rambo on a bunch of ants
Go ahead and commence the shill accusations
File: IMG_2206.jpg (12 KB, 244x207)
12 KB
Excellent analysis OP. Have some reddit gold.
So you're saying Paddock was an FBI asset set to do a deal with ISIS with the intent of foiling their plans, but they got a tip off and blamed the massacre on Paddock?

I agree.
File: 1487403410896.png (989 KB, 1024x775)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
>if you don't wildly shitpost you're from plebbit
kys cocksucker
No, but you're going to believe it regardless
Why would he bring that many guns though?
Well satan. He was inexperienced.
It's a woodland critter Christmas. He didn't know how to clear a gun jam, apparently.
Dilusions of Rambo

Be gone evil one
officers are reporting that he lead a secret life and and a massive stockpile of weapons that he didn't even bring with him.
I wasn't accusing you of being from reddit. Just making a shitpost and trying to compliment you at the same time. I agree with your analysis and it's high quality.
exactly this>>144377884
Aurora, Newtown, Combine, etc all have shooters with multiple weapons, usually weapons that are never used. They have delusions about firearms and the practicality of using them. When the shooting actually begins to transpire they forget about the other weapons because of the tunnel vision inherent in armed conflict and the fact that they are unnecessary. Paddock had more funds available leading to a larger arsenal that he, just like the others, didn't utilize. He also didn't utilize what he selected properly.
bump, agreed. also checked.
The ignorance or the intelligence agency shilling has gotten really good.

Wouldn't a SEAL Team commander know much more about this than your CIA or FBI talking points? Ill listen to him and look at original untouched footage that had "talking fire" shootouts while also involving an MG240 and other rifles the "alleged" shooter was using.

Also, your eloquent pseudo intellectualism isn't fooling everyone even if it sounds good because even the shills against 911 being an inside job and Building 7 being controlled demolition are good at making talking points and writing scientific papers as well, thinking they're BTFOing those who question the government narrative. You can fool some people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. This is the same playbook CIA used at Daley Plaza in 1963 to convince those at the scene that they didn't hear multiple shots going off at the same time. Now we know how the ABCs twist the truth with 90% truth and 10% bullshit.

If you're peddling the official MSM storyline , you are either a fool or a government shill. No one , not even the normies who watch CNN accept the official narrative and use common sense and logic that one man , no matter his skill or lack of skill, is going to haul 40 guns to carry out a 10 minute shooting - while never using 38 of them and even if he planned on using them, wouldn't have them thrown around the room in photos that are "orgy of evidence" a term that demonstrates that a crime scene is too perfectly set up.

Las Vegas Sheriff had to hold his tongue because he knew Paddock or whoever was using his name had to have accomplices. He wasn't stupid and was extremely nervous because the FBI was giving him talking points in his ear because the FBI took over the jurisdiction of the city once they swooped in which usually happens when the feds declare something to be a "terror " event.

Your post is a red herring. You miss the forest from the Lone Gunman (Patent Pending) tree.
File: screenshot10520175.png (170 KB, 1344x667)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
File: screenshot10520176.png (171 KB, 1339x651)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Heed the words itt. Op became psychic after a traumatic near death experience.
File: 303632_2_1.jpg (8 KB, 280x280)
8 KB
>SEAL Team commander know much more about this than you
>there were talking 240s
top kek
>eloquent intellectualism
>muh 9/11
nothing to do with this
>Don't question the government
didn't say that
>even the normies
Congratulations, you agree with the normies. I guess Trump should intervene in Syria because even the media was on his side on that one.
>muh gun smuggling to his room
what is pic related
>orgy of evidence is a term....
Because I saw it in a movie once!
he very well might have accomplices, my post wasn't about this
File: 1507104955169.jpg (106 KB, 600x800)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
he didn't commit suicide, that's all I know for sure

If" he" was a "they",then "they" could be classed as a "he"

I'm so fucking sick of EVERYTHING being a false flag conspiracy
All Tannerite does is make a large flash and lots of smoke. No real terrorist would use Tannerite.
People are being idiots on this one. Even normies and people uninterested in conspiracy theories think this one is a little odd.
is it true that a window was broken during this madness?
How do you know that for sure?

You can put them inside things. Me and my dad would put tannerite into old washing and drying machines we'd find at a junkyard and shoot through it with a .308 and they'd explode and shit would go everywhere, it was fucking nuts
Can I get quick compdown?
>The only constant that always remains in gunfights wether from Afghanistan or an active shooter situation is confusion

In the taxi video, one of the passengers says there are "thousands dead". People jump to inaccurate conclusions.
I hope sushiman never leaves the limelight
Best meme in a while
Does anyone think that Paddock was a pretty rotten shot and he spent so much time planning that he fell way short of potential
> 23 firearms and thousands of rounds.
> shoots into crowd and whilst hitting several most shots in videos seem to be going way over target
> spends too long on long mag strings of shots then maintaining control in shorter bursts
> firing stopped within 15 mins
> 72 mins before cops entered
> thousands of rounds remaining
> his death toll could have been epic but he stopped short and didn't shoot well
Fucking sad
He really could have done so much better.
File: 1507089914328.jpg (79 KB, 897x625)
79 KB
Unless these scene has been tamptered with, the coprse's position relative to the suicide gun and the other guns would make it impossible for him to have ended up like that. There's on ontop of him, he is lying on a gun, the pistol is three feet away from him, that bullet lying in the puddle of his blood is totally clean.
File: vw23.jpg (63 KB, 650x846)
63 KB
There's a political agenda here. The beltway morons will keep sending their hired goons to shoot up their enemies(innocent Americans) until they can generate sufficient political force to justify repealing the second amendment.

That is their basic gamebook, and so, we can expect many more of these type of incidents.
Yeah, that's what Tannerite is good for; blowing up junk.
Ammonium nitrate by itself isn't explosive. All it's good for is feeding plants. If you studied the OKC bombing; you'd know that it takes serious preparation to make it go boom.
File: Capture.png (9 KB, 646x87)
9 KB
it was because of those shitty bumpstocks
is this you?
This >>144376803 But he did that because he was a antifascist and hated Trump.
Most of the deaths/injuries were trampling related. He was way too far away to be within his caliber's effective range, which contributed to the 10% kill/wound rate. Even then, most of the people were shot in non vital areas, fell down, then got trampled to death.

Watch the videos, there was barely any gunfire surprisingly. Watch the medic interviews, they treated more broken bones than gunshot wounds.

Paddock wanted to make a point. He was a radical leftist cuck. Why do you think he targeted a country concert full of white people rather than a rap concert? Don't let them fool you and paint him as a conservative.

Why are you talking about enfilade when this is a packed crowd with no long axis? His primary target was a 15 acre lot 400 yards from his position, secondary target was anywhere else on the strip where the bullets happened to land. EMTs at the Tropicana said they were receiving gunfire. The Tropicana is like a block up the strip from the concert venue.
His position was a good one for creating confusion and enabling an escape attempt.

You make it sound as if every malfunction can be resolved in seconds. Sure misfeeds and stovepipes can be cleared, but bad ammo can cause serious problems, springs can fail. Full auto mag dumping wreaks havoc on guns. In this situation, wouldn't it just be easier to drop the jammed weapon and pick up another nearby?

My biggest question is why didn't he keep unloading into the hallway once he saw the guard. He had plenty of ammunition to remain a threat for a while. There was the main entrance to the suite, and the side entrance to the adjoining room. I'm not sure if there was another adjoining room on the other side, but he wasn't really in danger of being flanked.


No. But we did shoot an oxygen bottle one time we thought was empty and it still had some left inside it. It spiraled into the air and as it lost pressure it turned towards the roof of our barn and nicked a corner off and then bounced off the ground and dented my truck. Easily could have killed us if it hit one of us.

Good times.
There are many guides on how to make ANFO.

Mcveigh was incredibly meticulous in his planning and it's definitely not easy to make a truck bomb but neither was the planning for this attack. McVeigh wanted to get away with it which is why his planning was so thought-out. This guy probably didn't.

Making a suicide truck bomber surely can't be that difficult if you just go out of your way to research and plan it.
I read the whole thing in his voice, thanks for nothing OP
Eh OP is technically correct, which is the best kind of correct, but it all still stinks too much.
File: explain.jpg (175 KB, 637x1000)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Die with your rage (you) lesbian LARP'er
Ha, McVeigh got himself caught because he was driving a car without a licence plate. Ano baka.

Paddock was another unhinged trump supporter.


2:00 mark
No Nazi flags in garage ...
I think he has got the wrong neighbor.
>Why are you talking about enfilade when this is a packed crowd with no long axis?
It's long enough for the principal to be applied. It was long enough before the shooting but without a doubt would have created a huge linear target once they started trying to flee.
>The Tropicana is like a block up the strip from the concert venue.
The tropicana had reports of an active shooter by the scared woman cop on the scanner, was it actually confirmed he was engaging them?
> Full auto mag dumping wreaks havoc on guns. In this situation, wouldn't it just be easier to drop the jammed weapon and pick up another nearby?
No, the only real failure that would have been a real issue is the failure of those extended mags themselves. He should've just dropped the bad mag and slap in a new one. He could've used 1 other rifle to alternate with do combat overheating.
>My biggest question is why didn't he keep unloading into the hallway once he saw the guard
Who really knows, but keep in mind a lot of these guys off themselves whenever they are cornered/confronted. Think about the nigger that shot the old nigger on livestream recently. Why didn't put up a fight? Go back and look at high profile shootings/bank robberies that end in suicide and when they decide to do it. There's a staggering number of them.
File: 1507276587380.jpg (71 KB, 487x514)
71 KB
forgot this piece of hilarity
his neighbor says some pretty dumb shit so I question how well he actually knew the guy
Aye you've got some good points but gun jams aren't always easy. I wonder how many of those guns sat in storage, weren't properly lubricated, or the bolts were left open.

>Tropicana thing
There were EMTs on the Broadcastify scanner that reported taking fire at the Tropicana. My guess is stray bullets from the bump fire or ricochets.

He probably killed himself (thankfully he did that at least) to still have 'control' of the situation in his mind.
ANFO = ammonium nitrate/fuel oil
>I wonder how many of those guns sat in storage, weren't properly lubricated, or the bolts were left open.
Exactly, this would answer a lot of questions. If the optics needed batteries, did they actually have working batteries in them? Shit like that will paint a much larger picture of who we're actually dealing with.
File: 1506943368535.jpg (279 KB, 1280x1280)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
you must be pretty retarded

Paddock was a jew and this was a racist attack targeting white people

because......... fuck white people!
File: 1503895221247.png (692 KB, 477x724)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
You're cute and have my attention - proof cunt?
If you think a "conspiracy theory" is untrue based upon the sole fact it's a "conspiracy theory" you're a lot less rational than you think you are.

You're hardly seeing any more "wild speculation" here than you would watching TV
Bull fucking shit this guy has all the hallmarks of being a top secret boomer man who decided to get radicalized by somebody, and do something, or whatever and stuff.

But he had help and reasons and now it looks like he had extensive travel in the middle east, and his chink girlfriend / sandwich maker might have been a fucking muslim spy from that subud group that obama is a part of
There was another fag in another thread that dismissed outright the shooters ability to do anything. As criticism of "conspiracy" posters.
But what the idiot was basically saying was if the guy couldn't do anything who did do it?
Basically opening the door for conspiracy theory.
File: 1501906298029.jpg (69 KB, 460x413)
69 KB
Times up quim.
>fires gun
>literal people screaming false flag deep state jew cia did it
>this is equivalent to the talking heads on tv going 'well he was a crazy lone wolf'

you're stuck in the echo chamber mate. conspiracy theories on their own aren't dumb. people going 'thing i didn't like happened so it was [people i don't like] doing a false flag' is.

look at all the idiots screaming it was a false flag after sandy hook or vtech or pretty much any mass shooting that involves a whitish dude instead of a brown, black, or islamic person.

nobody wants to accept that someone could just go 'fuck it i wanna kill as many people as i can' and then manage to do a half decent job at it because they have money and influence, because that means shit's broken as fuck and terrifying
File: 1506977319223.png (231 KB, 851x721)
231 KB
231 KB PNG

>there was no second shooter





>witness testimonies (4:00 - 9:06)
Multiple shooters, Shooters on the ground, A 'hispanic' looking woman was taken out of the concert by security after telling people 'they are all going to die'

>police scanner (radio)
at least 2 shooters

>swat enters 32nd floor

>sequence of events - LVPD press conference oct.4

>LVPD press conference 1
Police is asking assistance in looking for marilou danely, nobody asks about the second shooter. "The primary aggressor in this incident has expired".

>LVPD press conference 5 (skipped to press questions)


Claim: Jesus Campos, the security guard who was the second shooter and killed Paddock. (source anonymous)

BONUS2 (broken after 1):
FBI Agents told to stop working second shooter leads. Source requires confirming (source anonymous).

>fbi passes investigation to dc

>not matching cellphone, keycard used inside hotel when car was out.

>note contained numbers

>hotel cam dump key - is it real?
File: brotherhood.gif (74 KB, 500x500)
74 KB
File: Blackwater.jpg (1.01 MB, 2128x3368)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Dont worry about this guy >>144384676
People talking about the event without discussing second shooter are just retards whatever agenda they are pushing
>he was white nationalist
>gun enthusiast
>hated country
>he was antifa
>he was isis
>he was on antidepressants

None of this matters beceause second shooter is a fact, so he could be just the opposite of thos.

Im not even saging this bullshit so people can see how shills and slides look like

>pic related
an ACTUAL conspiracy theory, being corroborated last night
File: mandalay_coverup_larp14.png (2.53 MB, 742x5069)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
Big if true. A calm before the storm if right.
File: 1500005976920.jpg (34 KB, 657x527)
34 KB
>muh second shooter based off flawed terrified people in the midst of a mass shooting in vegas
>lemme post some screencaps of a random nobody from my south american thatch weaving sub-forum to prove it
>why are people saying i'm full of shit?
For people saying he loves country music so why target it. If you go to a concert, half the crowd is filming it on their phones. It doesn't matter if he liked country music, it's possible he despised the people attending them.
Virginia tech was an Asian
Please tell me more about my media viewing habits and echochamber, mr anonymous internet stranger.
Y'know most of us come here for fun and curiosity, not because we're paid to.

That's some fine quality LARPing right there.

>1 post by this ID


>VIP being escorted out
>very strangely acting police
It's dead now... only google image search will quench our lust brother.
no second shooter, irrelevant for now.>>144384834
File: bait-baylon.jpg (72 KB, 600x601)
72 KB
Fuckking saved
see how the fresh blood is thick and doesn't soak into the carpet? that's because he's been dead for a few minutes, I'm guessing he shot himself shortly after the first security guard confronted him, it became real and he panicked and offed himself. first responders kicked the gun out of his hand and moved him, releasing some partially coagulated blood from his gaping exit wound (not pictured) the casing in the puddle was most likely kicked there
>video and audio evidence,
>police scanner,
>chief of police admits he couldnt work alone, immediately gets removed

why are people calling you a reality denying shill
Shhhh no facts, only dreams.
Someone you trust is one of us.
He wasn't wearing gloves
he was wearing gloves and loafers, and the gloves weren't fingerless.
File: 1507058768185.jpg (305 KB, 669x876)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>Tactical gloves
>no vest
>planned to escape (said police)

Other interesting bits about this image:
>note deliberately pressed under duct tape to prevent wind from spiriting away

>briefcase, could be explosives, would corroborate police finding material in his car, and Blackwater anon saying he meant to also blow stuff up.

>strange hose
bumped. plausible. well researched.
>works for IRS - gubbment
>literally has no job
>travels around the world
>no one knows him
>has no friends
>police says man is "like a ghost" without footprint
>borther calls him "one man army"
Morons will claim there's nothing wierd about this and no possiblity of him being a secret agent-spy/smuggler.
Actually he had the IQ, time and money to be both.
The security guard shot him on first encounter


Door was open when police arrives, says police.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was a low-yield suitcase nuke or dirty bomb. I don't see explosives "killing thousands" unless he set up IED's.
Las Vegas gunman left cryptic numeric note in room

Now tell me this isnt his message to CIA!
File: 36286-1-1288714416.jpg (707 KB, 1280x960)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
Yep, anyone who knows me would say "alcoholic, would talk about shitposting online but was very lonely. Didn't trust anyone so kept to himself but tipped well because he said he was a server when he was younger. Cried and raged when he saw animals hurt. Racist but gave everyone a chance until they annoyed him and then would leave the scene instead of starting a fight."
That's a normal loner who wants to be left the fuck alone but still misses people. That is not what's being sold in the media about this guy.
>>works for IRS - gubbment
>>literally has no job
>>travels around the world
>>no one knows him
>>has no friends
>>police says man is "like a ghost" without footprint
>>borther calls him "one man army"

of course there’s a possibility that he was black pilled in some secluded himalayan militant buddhists monastery and sent back as a plague for the decadent west. it‘s just not plausible. it‘s more likely a midlife crisis gone wrong, likely coupled with mental disorder. even a parasitic infection like toxoplasmose that radically altered his behaivior seems more likely than that psy ops shit.
>33 again

There were ghosts involved, but it wasnt our boy Steve. The ghosts are the same ghosts behind the Sandy Hoax operation.

Stebe is just a character, just a persona in this operation gladio psyop. The government carried out the charade for their own purposes.

1.- This is a pre-emptive strike against silencers. Silencers were about to be make legal by Trump/Senate. This shoots down silencers, with Hillary providing the talking points and negative focus on silencers. (and all bump stock hand crank rapid fire devices)

2.- This is a Chertoff associates ploy to further penetrate society with his GAZA humiliation devices/ strip search xray machines. The Mass shooting is the "Problem" the "reaction" is the sheeple crying, the "solution" is rape-scan machines in every hotel, maybe school and mall. Billions more for Chertoff and his jewish pals who rule over us.

Why the fuck did Drumpf allow this the cuck? Bye bye silencers, hello gun-controllers. Hillary might as well be in the white house, her policies and people continue in power.
>midlife crisis gone wrong
People dont do mass murder for that.
We need to search for much much stronger motives!!!

>likely coupled with mental disorder
But why mental disorder? Maybe it was PTSD if he was part of CIA black sites torture, or at least piloted their rendition kidnapping flights!
one can assume it was an extended suicide. people with severe depression tend to get suicidal. maybe he sought help first and got a perscription for selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (ssri). they don‘t change the mood for the better for like 2 weeks. but they almost immediatly boost motivation, thus leading to increased suicide rates within these patiens in a 2-3 week timespan.
so maybe ist was extended suicide. because he simply was a depressed dick, yet highly motivated.
File: compedbro.jpg (395 KB, 717x717)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
File: whosjewingwho.jpg (10 KB, 222x250)
10 KB
that really is the evil of SSRIs isn't it? Exstasy (MDMA) was a drug being investigated for helping people in the 1960's but a bunch of degenerates started taking it in massive doses (like they do LSD, Mushrooms and other drugs which allow you to disassociate from the current perception of the world, hopefully with the guidance of a medicine man/shaman/psychologist) which takes it off the plate of therapeutic drugs legally allowed until recently. Makes you wonder...

Are people actually reading all of this nonsense though? I doubt it
OP how is it working for the Deep State?
Health plan?
Vacation time?
Health care?
Please advise.
File: 1504418093295.png (1.38 MB, 1180x842)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
All the penis pills you can bump.
No need to wank when your mother, sister and daughter gives it up easily cuck.
File: happy happy.jpg (47 KB, 704x476)
47 KB

>its easier to kill random people in a crowd rather than one at a time when using automatic weapons

thanks, never would have figured that out on my own
Push the candy red button... you know it's the right thing to do.
Paddock was a jew, this was a racist attack on white people and in fact may of been the opening salvo in the next US civil war
cause the moron accidentally shot himself. he bled out slowly
That was a lot of writing to say nothing substantial. 1/10. Waste of time.
The war has actually begun it's just a cold war right now, if or when the truth comes out the war goes hot
File: 230948347883.jpg (209 KB, 704x728)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
What if they guns came not from the bottom, but from the top?
SWAT would've cleared the entire floor. A bunch of ethnic men on the same floor would trip about 10 flags to alphabet soup agencies.

The body would also state the evidence, the temperature would be too low if he was killed around 2 hours before SWAT actually entered his room.
Mass shooters often do bring more weapons than they need, or could even get a chance to use, so there's nothing unusual there. Also none of the conspiracy theories provide a better explanation for why there were so many guns.
If I stayed in a room that looks like that for days I might snap too. Not saying, just saying.

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