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Why do you guys hate civic nationalism?
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Look at this and tell me if this should be ok.
It allows non-Whites in
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>everybody getting along
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What the hell is wrong with his arm
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City is cheaper and the new version actually looks as good as Civic, last years of CompSci college here and planning on getting it as my first car if I manage to find a good job.
Why not? I am a non white Polish nationalist and I would die for my country without a second thought.
Civic nationalism is simply a shitty compromise to what it should be. Our peoples define our countries, made them to what they are (or were in many cases). Civic nationalism doesn't do anything to restore homogeneity beyond "similar" ideology.

Civil nationalism can work IF it unites people with SIMULAR cultures.

Similar people with a similar culture and a similar language are united for the same purpose.

America was great while it was a white (European) melting pot.
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lack of shared historical and genetic destiny.
I'm not against it per se, it just isn't the real deal, so why settle for it?
I try to focus on more important issues

civic nationalism is the assumption that if you believe in the constitution you can become a citizen. now if apply that logic to europe you should notice that there is no reason for almost any idependent european state since most of us have a similiar consitituion.

some time in the future the jews are also going to implement demoracy in shitskin countries, then the only logical conclusion would be to extend this civic nationalistic state further. and the end of the day you end up with a global superstate.

civic nationalism = globalism.

In a way, Fascism was a form of civic nationalism.

But Civilian nationalism does not work in 95% of cases
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Because the whites are superb
Mind explaining the non-white part? I'm curious.
My parents are Azerbaijani.
It's cheaper yes but it's shit. Save up and get the civic anon, make sure to get the turbo, you won't regret it. If you don't believe me go test drive both cars and find out.
I recognize that octaroon
I don't recommend the Focus. It's got the automated manual transmission which isn't the same as an automatic.
because it means you're cucked on race.
Because it doesn't work. Although maybe white asian Civic nationalism would but we'll never know, the powers at be are hell-bent on importing the worst of the worst

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