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File: must be a nazi.png (537 KB, 640x520)
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Remember- if you're cut, a very disproportionate amount of the blame lies with these ((("people"))). Since the jewish influence on circumcision hasn't just harmed Americans, it's harmed boys and men all over the world since the US has been instrumental in promoting and sustaining it internationally. And guess who's been heavily behind that in the US?
shit, forgot the link (though the pic is good enough on it's own)

File: circumcision-1.jpg (28 KB, 600x347)
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How much nerve damage did your doctor do burgboys?


Circumcision used to be the norm in Canada, and it's still fairly common. But it's definitely below the US.

Oh yeah, and they've got a big hand in it in Canada too: http://intactwiki.org/wiki/Neil_Pollock

>Neil Pollock is a surgeon and certified mohel[1][2] from Vancouver, Canada, whose sole livelihood comes from performing infant circumcision and vasectomy.[3] He is a prolific circumciser of infants, and according to his website, he has performed over 30,000 infant circumcisions,[4] he performs 2,500 annually,[5] and he is personally responsible for 2/3rds of all circumcisions in the entire Vancouver Lower Mainland.[6]

>Neil Pollock charges $455.00 Canadian for circumcising children under 2 months of age.[8] If his website is correct, he performs 2,500 annually,[9] which means he grosses $1,137,500 Canadian on infant circumcision alone.

>a fortune made off mutilating goyim baby dicks
Cockchopper BTFO! Although he should have smashed him with the sign after pepper spraying the stabby faggot.
File: ultimate kike.png (972 KB, 697x564)
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forgot pic this time, shit- it's late where i'm at

If you were the Vancouver Lower Mainland and are circumcised, you're likely looking at the person who mutilated you.
File: abortion-jew.jpg (312 KB, 865x800)
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This the kike that sued for abortion.
File: (((Daniel Halperin))).jpg (11 KB, 199x289)
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Here's another one: http://intactwiki.org/wiki/Daniel_T._Halperin

>Daniel Halperin has published several papers on circumcision for HIV prevention,[1] which are being used by the World Health Organization to endorse circumcision as an HIV prevention method. In November 1999, colleagues Daniel Halperin and Robert C. Bailey published an article in the Lancet criticizing the public-health community for not pushing circumcision. Today, Halperin is the Senior Research Scientist at the Harvard AIDS Prevention Research Project.[2]

>His grandthather was a Mohel, born in Russia, died in Chicago. "I don't have an agenda about foreskins" said Halperin in an interview for the Eastbay Express. When asked if being Jewish affects his pro-circumcision bias, he denied it, but said that his Judaism has "crept in now and then". He explains, "think of it as maybe a kind of health/cultural innovation ahead of it's time. So it's made me appreciate my own heritage more. And who knows, maybe finding out to my surprise that my own granddad was a Mohel was a weird kind of confirmation that I'm maybe in some small way 'destined' to help pass along this health benefit to people in parts of the world where it could really make a difference and perhaps save many lives."

"Yeah... maybe being a member of an ethno-religious group that's been mutilating their own for 2,600 years- and being the son of one who made his living off this- has influenced me in some way. But it's all to save lives, goy!"
File: 1504549229703.png (612 KB, 808x805)
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I am filled with a rage I have never felt before

I take it you're from that part of Canada and are circumcised? Or just disgust at seeing the face of someone who's built a fortune off mutilating tens of thousands of goy babies?

This whole section is really illuminating: http://intactwiki.org/wiki/Category:Jewish
So does he suck the goy dicks or not?
Are they all successful or does his fuck up dicks regularly but "lol fucking goyim who cares" and takes his pay?
Don't forget they sell the skin for huge profits afterwards, too.
File: eternal jew 4.webm (2.19 MB, 1280x720)
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Kikes are pure evil

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