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>They have been around for more than millenia. >They narrated the course of history.
>They know us too well, can probably predict every outcome / reaction / shift on society.
> 100% aware of potential race war by pushing the white man into a corner.
>War is jackpot for them and there hasn't been a big one in over 70 years.
> In its rebellious attempt could pol be furthering their agenda instead of resisting?

What action can be taken thats not already part of their scheme? How do we escape the box they trapped us in?
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We go full natsoc, they want globalism we have to win
How? Resources are controlled by ((governments))
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And the only thing they're afraid of is that you realize that time itself is fake and every single one of us is immortal, just gotta tense your back and play some 4D checkers with the strings attached to every segment. Not to have a hard reset or lose progress you gotta forget about the concept of being afraid and just do shit at the pace you feel the best. Also let your brain sort shit out and don't spam it with words - they're binding. Although you can use that to your advantage, as well as absolutely everything else. Pain is fake.
Or you could play some 9D backgammon for retards, but you'd have to have died early on for that and words or senses altogether are just not applicable there. Or maybe it was 8D hide-and-seek? I think it might be all that and 0D ping-pong all at the same time.
Thank you Mr. Bones, the ride is just great.
move to the north/south pole, they clearly don't have that on their fancy table map
stop buying foreign stuff or minimze it

small things go a long way

vote for isolationist, nationalist parties

I do but they barely get 5% each election

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