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File: Denbts.jpg (31 KB, 460x475)
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Will Greece ever pay its debts?
Nah, you'll give me another care package, and I'll spend it on more broken submarines just like last time
Truly the greatest of allies!
File: 1506756377984.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696)
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will greece ever pay its debts?
File: denbts.png (723 KB, 1176x837)
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No. Meanwhile the ECB is printing money like crazy. So much that you hardly make any money on your savings. Whatever you make, the government takes double.
The euro can ruin a country quicker than uncontrolled mass migration
Pay debts. You don't want your credit rating falling again, do you goy?
File: Taylor Blitz.jpg (650 KB, 2005x1080)
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That's exactly the plan. Impoverish rich white Europe. But whitey is slowly ponder up a different scheme. And don't you fucking dare to intervene this time.
No. National debts are a method of eternal control. They are not designed to ever be able to be paid back. You already know who does the controlling.
File: 4.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
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How come no one told me
You should be paying the Greeks you ungrateful fuckin scumbag
>all countries have huge debts
>greece must pay back
Do you cucks not realize its what (((they))) want
File: Oveneer.jpg (214 KB, 700x467)
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We started an 80 year long war with Spain when they demanded 10% taxes. The government just raised taxes on food and household supplies from 6 to 9%. More refugees will be invited, but they will not receive the golden package initially. Normies are already resenting not voting for a Fuhrer. We're almost there.

Let a man hate and give him a small taste of hope, and beautiful things will be realised.
File: a0469441543_10.jpg (302 KB, 1200x1137)
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>All debt is paid back
>Nobody owes money to anyone anymore
>Does this mean everyone is wealthy?
>Are we better off?

Food and goods don't produce themselves. The average normalfag may think that is a good thing, but how would society react if the truth was revealed that labor is always required to keep society functioning? Debt and currency are soft slavery mechanisms. Usury was looked down upon for that reason as well, but the financial institutions impose that on loans as well as fees to keep people working.

>Oooga booga if we print money, we be rich! We pay debts!

Zimbabwe and Germany overprinted to seemingly pay off the debts, but the paper does not itself create anything, human labor is required to produce, maintain and rebuild. Give me the worlds money supply and I'll pay off all the debt, but that doesn't mean that people are absolved of their duties to keep a civilization rolling forward.

That being said Greece should have printed like a madman to screw over the IMF and other kiked institutions.
that's what you deserve for trusting the eternal an*lo
Better question:

Will USA?
File: Roached.png (157 KB, 600x400)
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Roaches have an unemployment number of 40%. You will be first.
File: IMG_2966.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
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I'm a fellow Dutchman and I support this message

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