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Why is the rest of the world so complete shit?

America has been broken since 9/11, you'd think in that time a new country would step up to lead the world, but nope.

I mean 80 million white male workers in America control the global economy, military, entertainment and medicine, surely with America so divided a new country could step up and lead the world into the future, but nope.
ralphie may thread?

People sell out their own for money all the time. That's your basic problem. Every country has them, and people turn a blind eye to the corruption and wickedness.
maybe because playing 'world police' is an unnecessary waste of money and time. I mean sure, start another war. Fight North Korea. But that wont fix your broken country
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cause we get all our sushi COMPED!
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Fat people make me sad sometimes
I love this picture. Its just some sweaty fat guy with food grease residue of his 5x T-shirt. The girls are pushing out a smile, out of the embarrassment file.
Dude that guy is stright hidden board poster tier.
I get if you live like that on the daily, but for your lunch date, can:t you put on a clean shirt? Maybe something with a collar.
>that feel when premabanned from 4chan hidden boards

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