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Did any confederate statues got taken down during Obama?

Did any new gun regulations got passed under Obama?

Did Social media censor conservative media under Obama?

We need /ournigger/ back I cant take this shit anymore. Trump is a fucking nightmare for the right wing.
so fucking true
Bump stocks became legal under Obama's administration.
BLM came about under Obama's administration.
Race relations hit modern lows, BLM a new domestic terrorist group became a thing, he ran guns to ISIS and Mexican drug cartels. I could keep going Obama was a shit president.
Big if true.
Trump's 58D Submarine Golf Strategy is to make Obama look good. Why else would he be failing so miserably? Wake up, sheeple.
But social media did censor conservatives under Obama

>Implying that's a bad thing
what does barry do for fun these days now?


fucking children with bill?
File: dubya.jpg (30 KB, 660x371)
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George Bush: Terrible president who spied on us and cut down freedoms left and right.

Barack Obama: Terrible president who spied on us more, and cut down even MORE freedoms.

Donald Trump: hasn't done shit but beef with NBA players on Twitter.

I never thought I'd see the day when I missed Dubya.
BLM is no longer active because cops stopped killing niggers on the streets. Which strangely happen underneath Trump.
>would rather his president spy on him than get into twitter fights
interesting perspective, friendo
File: trump_bush[1].jpg (309 KB, 620x412)
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I also want Obama back, Trump is Bush's third term.

His neocon and evengical bullshit is really pissing me off.

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