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For the longest time men have been ramming women in the pussy and receiving sexual pleasure. Society was built on authoritarian systems where their is a clear hierarchy. Fast forward to 70 years ago. World War causes devastation, persuade emotions of a democratic institution to end this cycle based on pride, honor, and glory. You begin to see women get more rights, the rise of sex bots, people lose traditions, and alienation arises. Large-scale war is being suppressed, but the natural male energies are funneled into mass shootings and society pursues fruitless endeavors. People don't put much effort into education anymore, they are instead obsessed with the furtherance of democratic unity (even though other nation are prepping for a global paradigm shift). Utopia becomes the sole aim inevitably. People naturally take up degenerative behavior that adds up in the net sum will lead to some very intense repercussions. While we sit on the ticking time bomb, males are the focal point of which the agenda sends are trying to pull down. People casually joke about killing all men, but pull back saying it was only a joke (or not). Then the day of action comes and this society that transferred to this democratic unity become transparent, and you begin to see the selfishness prominently shine. As the fire escalate men don't come together, they have been told not to. The infrastructure of society was not prepared to handle this immense stress. The aftermath ensues with some furtherance of an agenda or a new person in power. All the while the people are pacified.
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Does social media help or hurt us?
Does social media help anyone? Its litteraly the same garbage you find in a checkout isle magazine only its about your friends and neighbors as well as retarded celebrities.
Time that could be used not just more productively in something as, but something of your passions. People escape the alienation of work through social media, I say take up the reins of your work and transform into a high craft that you show pride in. Use social media as an occasionally as a tool, but not as a time-waster.
Start a new paragraph faggot.

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