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Globetards BTFO
Because you can't look at the sun without your eyes burning out, right?
>be sun
>be fireball
>be in vacuum
>exist there

fuck logic amirite
The sun isn’t fire , stormcuck
What then burger?
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He's got a point.
We rotate in relativity of what item that stands still?
We move through space by what pinpointable location?

For everything we know, we could all make up our own standards of what is our point of reference for what is standing still or our stationary object to figure out what's moving.
The sun? The Center of the Universe? Other Universes?

right now all means to say "we rotate" or "we move" are completely arbitrary.
In addition: einstein did not BTFO global-worlders, you massive retard.
Hey Jude go read the bible
This place is getting boring real quick.
>Doesn't believe the world is a disc
>"Ur jew"
You blew it, i presented you with a good theory and all you took from it was the offense you could take.

Read the Thalmud Goyim.
Fusion of hydrogen into helium, driven by the immense pressure of the core
I get that space is a meme and other planets are more like dimensions than physical realms but why do they call the earth "flat"?

Like do you mean there's an edge? A magic wall that teleports you to the other side, what?

What do you say to the people that have flown around the world
We can see everything else around us and throughout the observable universe is moving. Logic would suggest we are moving, too.
Please stop spreading pseudo science. The core of the Sun is cold, fusion occurs on the corona due to electric currents from the Galaxy. Get a grip Bear Grylls.
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