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So you are a clique of european bank er dynasties. fractional reserve banking has gifted you fortunes, but you so not have the assets to pay everyone back should a run occur.

decades pass, a solution increasingly seems more important than ever regarding fractional reserve practice.

New currencies. In fact, just one europe wide currency.... Quietly cook the old European currencies books and viola! We get away with it... Til the great unwashed demand a return to the past and their own currency! Double Whammy!

Bankers work in specific parts of large cities. Try striking up a conversation with them about fraction al reserve banking. Most of the fuckers are as clueless as you.

money aka yenom aka venom
banks almost anagram snake
Fractional reserve banking is just a meme.

In reality the reserves are irrelevant. It's the Basel capital requirements that are important.

Apart from the Basel capital requirements, how much banks can lend is limited by their ability to find profitable customers to lend to. Reserves have no limiting effect whatsoever.
A 1000 whatever is paid into my account. Fractional r allows 90℅ of that deposit be loaned to other customers. As soon as a 900 deposit arrives in customers account it is seen as a deposit so the bank can lend90% of the 900. And on it continues. Fuck all interest payments for those who keep their deposit in their account whilst huge interest charges to those who took loans.
If all parties concerned withdrew their accounts at same time, bank not have the notes

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