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y cant there be a country for self centered people that live wana live how thay want but dont wana rule over other be kill them it thay try to rule other them
That doesn't work with modern weaponry you stupid sack of shit.

Only possible with an enclosure. Construct a large generation ship with an earthlike environment, say about the size of rhode island. Place cameras all throughout the vessel, and place unrelated people inside the vessel. Have the ship orbit the Sun.

Over the generations the rest of us get to see society develop, as those within the ship eventually forget that they are even in a ship. Perhaps anarchy may develop
An alternative is to construct a massive, open sky, enclosure for violent criminals. Airdrop weapons and other such fun shit. Reality TV.

Because that would be selfish and you would die very quickly. Actually not a bad idea but you cunts would just start crying when you realize you can't survive anymore and crawl back to society on your knees and some dumb shits would probably empathize with your retarded gay ass.
>>144389777it could happen if there was a retrovirus that turned people in to plant men and spit out eggs
i want to die dumb fuck i hate sosidty

Then get some fucking comps and off yourself, why would we waste our time because you want to die, just be a man for once in your life and comp your life by killing yourself.
cuz my subconscious stops me so i will just gamble my life till i die

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