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I've heard this excuse "the immigrants (usually Mexicans) do the jobs we won't do" for accepting immigrants more times than I'd like.
Why are there jobs that americans won't do in the first place? Why would you make your economy dependent on foreign immigration?
Because those jobs pay nothing. They pay nothing because the Mexicans will work for nothing because it beats what's available in Mexico.

The funny part is listening to leftists talk about how broke they are in one breath, then immediately switch over to how much they love illegals in the next.
>"the immigrants (usually Mexicans) do the jobs we won't do"

Its bullshit. When middle class leftists say shit like that what they mean is that the immigrants will do jobs that they (the soft middle and upper middle class leftys) won't do.

There are plenty of out of work American citizens at the low end of the economic spectrum who have been forced out of their jobs because illegal aliens are willing to work under the table for less than minimum wage.
There are jobs that Americans won't do because the pay is too low. The pay is too low because they import immigrants who are willing to work those low wage jobs.
The problem is caused by the cure.
If there were no illegals and other imported cheap labor, those jobs would pay a normal wage, some of them would be automated, some of the businesses would have to be restructured.

This is a textbook leftist strategy. They create problems that only their agenda can fix. There wouldn't be jobs that Americans aren't willing to do if they didn't import cheap labor.
Instead of kids playing vidya all summer, they should be bussed in to farms to learn some real work. We don't need beaners.
>There wouldn't be jobs that Americans aren't willing to do if they didn't import cheap labor.

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