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2350 years ago:
"There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till philosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become philosophers, and political power and philosophy thus come into the same hands." - Plato

"Governments don't change, don't waste your time." - Hunter S. Thompson

Is mankind destined to hate their governments until the end of time? Will people ever realize only they as an individual are the only ones in power to turn their lives around and make their own lives a better reality? Is government really just for stupid people who think someone else will make everything right for them to be comfy as fuck?
>"Governments don't change, don't waste your time." - Hunter S. Thompson
Hold my beer.
I love ancient greek and roman wisdom so much. I feel like that if I studied these classics I would get ahead of 90% of everyone else. Modern philosophy is boring.
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I agree. it's also interesting to realize people 2000 years ago had the same problems in society we're still having. It's basically just the matrix repeating itself in a different version.

What's scarier is that all this wisdom and all the solutions are already there and have been for over 2000 years. It's only now that we have the internet basically anybody can gain access to this ancient wisdom instantly. You don't need to go to a library anymore. All the wisdom is now in your cell phone or computer.

If we could only find a way to utilize this knowledge to actually bring along change. Maybe make philosophy class in school mandatory? After all philosophy is what you will need all of your life and it's really useful and can be applied every day.
Governments are inherently unsustainable when they surpass a few minimal functions.
The problem with philosophy classes is that they are generally "the history of philosophical thought", rather than lessons in how to think philosophically.
good point. Maybe we need someone like Stefan Molyneux teach our children to become a critical thinker but then again the democrats prolly don't want that cos they need people to be stupid in order to vote for them. No smart person would ever vote for a baiting deceiving democrat. Democrats are basically the old perverts luring kids into their van with candy.
But Trump got elected, so clearly he is NOT the most hated. Nor is he one of those who speak truth, for that matter.
Philosophers have amongst the highest average IQ (129) in university. I think physicians and mathematician being ahead by 2 points or so.

Adopting philosophy as a subject into schools is just a waste of time, especially because nobody is going to understand it.
Most of the values of western civilization are inherited from the Greek ideals & Roman society. I don't know about your burgers, but we study the origins of democracy and the foundation of western society.
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Say that to my face fucker not online see what happens
You wouldn't understand it. Besides that, it takes years to truly understand ancient Ancient Greek philosophy.

Reading a passage from Plato's Republic won't get you ahead of 90% of people. It'll just be something you can humblebrag about, nothing more and nothing less.
File: Cqx71rvVMAENyua.jpg (192 KB, 816x912)
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Yeah, we learn a watered down version of that in social science. Unfortunately most of our teachers are super liberals and they teach our kids SJW crap. It's all about shaping our kids into perfect soldiers for the DNC. Our kids are not taught to think independently or critical. They are brainwashed to think only in one direction.

The school system should teach kids to think divergent and lateral really. It would have the biggest impact on creating a better society.

Unfortunately everything has to be political in this country and democrats are trying to hold onto their last straw by letting all illegals in (more new stupid people to vote for them cos they don't yet know any better)
Well, of course, they are going to teach you the watered down version of history, it's not viable to spend money on kids education.Nobody wants to spend the money to educated people. Besides, if you really want to learn about history and humanities there really isn't any excuse for not doing so. You have a search engine, you have Wikipedia, you have a huge library close to you most likely, you can buy e-books for christ sake.

As far as I'm concerned, the republicans rule all three branches of government. So Democrats aren't the problem. The Republicans control the Senate, the house and governorship.

If there was time for a change, it would've been now. But the GOP isn't doing anything of significance and they can barely pass their shitty healthcare bill. Which just tells you a lot about the state of the GOP.
The individual is weaker than the pack. This will always be the precedent and there is science to back it too. There was a study that showed groups perform better than best individuals at solving complex tasks.

Government isn't for "stupid" people, it's for the well-being of all. What would you suggest instead, total anarchy? There is no better viable solution, you should be thankful for society as we know it.
No I'm saying government should just exist for the essential things. Roads, health care, police. When there is too much government involvement taxes get out of hand and it destroys individual freedoms. Governments tax a company, then again tax their employees, then again tax the employees on everything they buy with a sales tax, companies then again get taxed on every sale they make... by the end of the month no one has any money left cos it all went to the government. It's ridiculous.
File: IMG_0343.png (117 KB, 680x585)
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I love ancient Brazilian Macaco wisdom so much
You'll break out crying for mommy??

Eh, it's somthing so long as he reads closely, actually tries to process it, and discusses it a bit with others. I have a friend who has been in philosophy for 6 years. Every year he tells me everything he knew about the cave was wrong.

These texts have been around so long I can only imagine how many linguistic variations they have at this point, let alone differing, but sound interpretations. I'd love to dedicate 40 years to these guys to say I get them, but I'd also like to dedicate 200 years to breasts.

>tfw you kind of want Molymeme to be supreme leader of the Americanadadian Superstate but you know he wouldn't accept the position anyway and would hate people for wanting anyone to have it in the first place


>the school system...

...should not exist.
File: 1382086055701.png (248 KB, 449x500)
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>The individual is weaker than the pack

>he thinks you need a State in order to form "packs"

>There was a study that showed groups perform better than best individuals at solving complex tasks.

>he thinks the group of cocksuckers known as the State is good at solving complex tasks

>Government isn't for "stupid" people, it's for the well-being of all

>he thinks the biggest killer of humanity outside of pandemics and mass-extintion level natural disasters is for the """well being of all"""

>What would you suggest instead, total anarchy?

>he thinks anarchy means no rules, when it literally means no rulers

>There is no better viable solution, you should be thankful for society as we know it.

>he doesn't know government has done so much to ruin society and make it the one we know now, which he says we should be thankful for
File: 1506135426202.png (272 KB, 657x527)
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the tragedy is once you're old and wise you die. That's why every new generation is stupid again. That's why things never change. Now, if we could reverse this process and somehow make people young and wise and the old turn stupid. The world would be a better place. Cos by the time people turn stupid... they die off and we keep an ever wise society. KEK
>Will people ever realize only they as an individual are the only ones in power to turn their lives around and make their own lives a better reality?
The propagation of ideas like this is how a handful of psychopaths are able to turn this planet into their own blood soaked slave-pit.

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