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I feel this is true
Look it up yourself you donkey fucker
It's true enough. But those of us who are lucky enough to live in NI don't have to worry about that sort of thing, at least not at the moment.
No, it's written in English not Urdu
Acid attack aside, we have that too on top of daily mass (3+ victims) shootings.
Nobody who complains about America having gun rights experiences anything in that pic.

you missed
>get raped legally by muslims
>have a muslim capital
>have more muslims than christians
>have more mosques than churches
>child rape is legal if youre paki
>no guns

theyre the most cucked shit hole on planet earth
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niggers killing niggers isn't a mass shooting because the implication is that HUMANS died. and niggers are not human. you halfbreed nigger
File: thatfeel.jpg.jpg (83 KB, 540x692)
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Close enough
>Be American
>Get sushi comped
The funniest part about britbongs is that it’s not even the Pakis doing the acid attacks it’s degenerate native brits. They have no control over anyone in their own country
People like you ruin /pol/. being edgy just to be edgy. You come off looking like an idiot.
>literally every single thing listed is wrong
kill yourself
As opposed to America who have full control over everyone?
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>Living in NI


>2 minutes ago
you tell me
Go to bed Gary
what rock do you live under
File: burnoutyoureyes.png (448 KB, 286x915)
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United Kingdom:
* Population: 64 million
* Number of murders in the UK per year: ~400
* Number of police officers killed in the line of duty in 2015: 1
* Number of police officers shot to death in 2015: 0

United States:
* Population: 300 million
* Number of murders in the US every year: ~15,000
* Number of police officers killed in the line of duty in 2015: 117
* Number of police officers shot to death in 2015: 36

To put this into perspective, there have been 274 murders in Baltimore alone this year, a city of 600,000 people (roughly the same population as Glasgow). This makes Baltimore the 20th most violent city on planet earth. Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, which is notorious for cartel violence, had fewer murders per capita than Baltimore. Four of the 50 most violent cities on planet earth are in the United States. Curiously enough, no cities in the UK made the list.

This means that ONE SMALL AMERICAN CITY with a population similar to Glasgow, had more than half the number of murders of the entire UK with a population of 64 million.


If you take every single terrorist attack, nail bomb attack, acid attack and stabbing in London over the last 20 years, it's still less than the number of Americans murdered in one month. In Europe, if one person gets some caustic soda thrown in their face, it makes international headlines. When mass shootings happen in the US, they're not even reported outside the city where it occurred unless the dead are in double digits.
I'm pro guns, i dunno what you're talking about.

I think it should be legal in the UK not only to carry around guns for your own safety in these muslim invading times, but that you should also be allowed to carry around swords of any size too.
File: us-vs-uk.png (11 KB, 636x319)
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So true, at last I truly see!
File: British_Empire_1921.png (35 KB, 1425x625)
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What happened to us man? We used to be the global superpower and now we can't even keep our capital in order.

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