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Just saw Angry Birds

Is there any more redpilled movies like this one for children ?

Let's say /pol/ is in charge of a chilldren daycare, what movie do you show them ?
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>inb4 it's just a shitty kid movie about a shitty android app
Heil Fuhrer Red
Birds Uber Alles
Holy shit, a birdpill
The pigs come by boats to take the eggs and eat them. It's an allegory for how mass immigration will wipe out white race because of higher fertility rates.
Who financed the production of this movie?
The ultimate birdpill.

Actually, the angry birds movie is blue pilled
>pigs(americans) go to bird(muslim) island
>pretend to help them out (memeocracy)
>steal eggs (oil)
>birds are pissed and invade pig island (america)
>literally explode and destroy towers(bombings and 9/11)
>ends with birds learning to better their akbar attacks
>pigmericans plot new way to steal eggs
The game is made by a finnish developer. Apparently it was animated by Sony and some guy from Disney directed it, but the finnish developer financed at least part of it, I think.

>>pigs(americans) go to bird(muslim) island
symbolism isn't on your side there
>>pretend to help them out (memeocracy)
they only try to be their friend in the movie and force their role into their society (childcare, entertainment)
>>steal eggs (oil)
allegory for white genocide
>>birds are pissed and invade pig island (america)
like only terrorism car wake up europeans
>>literally explode and destroy towers(bombings and 9/11)
like when the only thing that angers Bomb is thinking about "pig in airplanes"
>>ends with birds learning to better their akbar attacks
ends with right wing ideas behing accepted into society
>>pigmericans plot new way to steal eggs
*mudslims primitive society was resilient enough to withstand an attack, they needed to be utterly destroyed
> makes clear distinction between civilized and uncivilized animals hmm seems red pilled
> all a big conspiracy by the elite to make people hate each other

maybe if you showed them a version where you cut out the ending
Just watched the MLP movie. It's sort of an inverse of Angry Birds. Not sure whether you should add it to this list, given the Fandom behind it.
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Come on /pol/

How are we going to educate post-9/11 children

You want to be a good parent, do you ?
The lone redpilled kids flick
last call ?

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