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File: brasileiro nazista.png (2 KB, 86x44)
2 KB
I don't care if I'm non-white, I'm still a proud nazi. There's no incoherence in that, despite what the fallacious zog-drones blabber.

My impure and non-optimal body exists purely to serve the well being of the white race, the true protagonists of this world.
Only whites are capable of creating beautiful and fruitful future where humans ascend towards the starts and beyond. Everyone else is doomed to be eaten by the sun, devolving back into monkeys way before that.

I protect whites on the everyday, helping them and stimulating their growth so they explore their full potential, empowering their race. The only ones exclused are the traitors of the glorious white race, the antiwhites, as these are among the most disgusting of the race's enemies.

I am the tip of the spear and the shield, smelted in bronze by the mighty.
I can fight alongside the ones meant to the throne as the weapon and armor that'll make them complete warriors.
Fuck off, Pedro.
This genuinely makes me feel sorry for you Ronaldo. It's cool you appreciate us, but you shouldn't be such an arse-licker. It's quite pathetic.
Just STAY in Brazil and we're cool.
You can mail me some sopa de macaco in a tupperware container, though. Somewhat curious about how it tastes.
File: 1471563492951.jpg (178 KB, 550x550)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Most nazis are LARPers, specially the kind of """nazi""" we have nowadays like you.
Stop being edgy dude.

Also only nazi in brazil that I know was a dude that was friends with my grandpa and when they argued he would call him a nazi faggot.
My grandpa was a tank mechanic which was kinda funny too but he hated nazis because they didn't like my grandma (russian fat lady).

>tfw shitty slav mutt poorfag from family of poorfag farmers and teachers.
A-at least my surname is c-cool and some chicks dig it.
I welcome you to the movement.

We need more people like you on our side.
National socialism and by extention race identitarianism can be implemented by any race for themselves. it was never for supremacy. stop ass licking you oreonigger
>My impure and non-optimal body exists purely to serve the well being of the white race
Weak and pathetic. We can do this ourselves.
File: brazilian classroom.jpg (211 KB, 2048x1361)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Despite how the text is put, I'm not as fanatic as it seems. There are exaggerations for artistic sake.
BUT it encapsulates what I really think. I tell no lie replicating these words.

If I am to defend something, I'll defend what I deem worthy. I'm not celebrating misery just because I am integral part of it, so fuck defending niggers, race mixing and other shitteries fucking up the world. I see whites as the superior folk and see no wrong in that, their preservation is important like that of some animals to keep the ecosystem safe.

Finally, answer this analogy: does a congenitally handicapped person has no right to defend abortions for this reason? In my perspective, he has property to talk about its ill effects.
The same way, a mongrel who lives in a mongrelized society like me can see its evil firsthand.
Look mate, stop with that shit and try to do something actually useful to society. Ideologies and ideas come first race comes second. Argentina is whiter than Brasil and is still worse because of their leftist leanings.
In my opinion, race comes first. It is a prerequisit for a healthy society.
But you have a point in that ideology is almost or just as important as that. If anything, ideology is a way to the day we deal benignly with, among other things, racial awareness.
Brazilians are the most cringeworthy retardeds on the internet, kys subhuman.
uma delĂ­cia?

Even half of you self-proclamed 'nazis' have no idea what nationa lsocialsim means, and should just kys to prevent damaging the actual movement with your ignorance.
File: AncientReligion.png (1.34 MB, 1488x777)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG

you're alright

anyone can be a nazi. people don't even know what nazi means on this board.

there's no admission fee or record book that says if you're a nazi or not. if someone identifies as a nazi and sincerely tries to be a better nazi every day, then you can't say he's 'larping' which i understand is just retarded internet speak for saying someone is 'pretending'.

naziism has nothing to do with national socialism. shows how little you know.

anyone who talks about how they want to have some special kind of government that they've thought up or read about is a fucking idiot to begin.

do you not realize how stupid it is to have some kind of bullshit wish for a past form of government, as if that's how fucking anything works?
being nazi is not the same as national socialist
only a national socialist calls itself a national socialist

anyone that 'believes' in a form of government is a retarded shithead.

ignore the newfags please, most of these NAzi larpers don't know what Hitler was trying to do for Africa I fucking hate all of you nufags

I don't care if I killed the Nazis and committed white genocide, I'm a Nazi too.


>race comes first

just remember it's leftypol who are the real racists
File: Brownazi.jpg (166 KB, 576x960)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Is this you anon?
You heard of
File: 1507384571031.png (5 KB, 452x454)
5 KB
>im a proud nazi

fuck off retard, how stupid can you possibly be.
National Socialism wasnt for export to other countries originally. I think its safe to say we are re-purposing it, and modifying it to our needs. Its pretty common at this point. That said, of course non-whites could take it and try to have a go of it.. but its not going to work as good as it did in Germany, and it wont work at all unless you take citizenship away from the non-natives of your country. In brazil, you would still need to take the niggers citizenship away. A country like Canada for example couldnt become National Socialist through a vote, and couldnt have National Socialist policy without an extremely large number of people being deported and disenfranchised. National Socialism doesnt work in a mixed society. Mixed societies dont work in general.
File: 1507331839365.gif (2.25 MB, 480x270)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB GIF
No NatSoc calls themselves a nazi.
You're a fucking retard, eat shit and die.
>burger education strikes again

he identifies as a nazi, not a fucking 'nat-soc'. that's abundantly clear.

you can't even fucking read. talk about burger education.

it's almost like forcing some form of government never works and every group of people have to come up with their own original system of governance that makes sense for their communal needs as a society and who they are as a people, huh?

almost like you have to grow a government from the soil of the volk, rather than imposing it from the top down.

what an idea.
File: 1507332686415.gif (3.56 MB, 369x207)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB GIF
>he identifies as a nazi
My fucking point exactly retard, nobody who actually follows the ideology calls themselves a fucking nazi.
Kys kike shill
>le 52%

WHAT fucking 'ideology', you shithead?

HIS ideology is called NAZIISM.

>he calls himself a red


this is how infernally retarded you are right now.

also," 'the ideology' 'the movement' " the way you assume as if i know what the fuck you're supposed to be talking about makes me guess that you have some kind of mental illness or disorder. possibly schizophrenia.
File: 1507332666357.gif (1.26 MB, 320x180)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
"Nazism" and "National Socialism" are the same fucking thing dumbass, it's just called NATIONAL SOCIALISM. They're not fucking different, how could you compare one ideology to two fucking colours you stupid fucking retard?
>reddit spacing
Thanks for ousting yourself as a shill you fucktard.
>"Nazism" and "National Socialism" are the same fucking thing dumbass, it's just called NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

wrong. wrong. wrong. let me guess, you learned this on 4chan, lmfao. how the fuck could you be this stupid? i literally don't know how you'd be this fucking dumb.

you don't get to just make shit up, and by saying 'reddit spacing', i know you're A. from reddit and B. a retarded newfag who doesn't realize people have used the return key for decades.

you've memed yourself out of the closet.
>Only whites are capable of creating beautiful and fruitful future
>Implying there are no white sub humans
White's tend to produce great societies. But there are more than enough white untermensch
File: hydra.jpg (8 KB, 310x163)
8 KB
im just a dolphin passing through nothing to see here

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