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>industrial society will collapse in your lifetime

Feels righteous judgement man. This soulless, immoral, greedy, satanic machine must be destroyed.
How are you gonna get food and other goods or services?
what will come to replace it?

We'll go the full circle back to hunting and gathering, it's gonna be chaos for a while but things should even out by the time we enslave the blacks again only this time we will send them to antarctica after their job is done.
If Western Civilization falls, the planet falls. So it'll go back to Medieval/Early Renaissance levels but with fully-automatic weapons until the bullets run out.
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Keep thinking that retard. What you see happening is only the beginning of the demise of justice.

If you think supply and demand will be affected you are missing the point.

We are witnessing the rise of true elitism. The future will consist of the most degenerate form of surveliance and subvertion you can possibly comprehend.

The polarisation will be blamed on misinformation. We will live to experience the beginning of a true thousan year reich. Just not the one anyone but the richest of rich would enjoy.

We will be under continuse surveliance. We will be ranked from risky-bad.

This is the beginning of something god awful. Its not collapse i see, its total controll. If you think the institutions we have created are not prone to create the thousan year technocrasy you are nothing but a lost sheep.

We are all royally fucked. No collapse. No revelution. No justice. Just the greater good as defined by the established elite.

The tools of controll have been created. The human mind has been sufficently mapped. The age of enlightenment is over.

This world is run by signs and symbols.
Cant you see it?
No, we are just moving towards late stage capitalism with the service economy. We will see the collapse trough, since welfare state cannot be sustained due to the replacement ratio of jobs under automation.
Communist are the most brainless sheeple in this timeline.

You are asking for the subvertion. You are begging for a definiton of morality. You are asking to be subjugated to a technocrasy.

Late stage capitalism is a meme. There has never existed a free market.
There never will be free market, since there has always been and will be some kind of monopoly on violence that controls markets to some extent. Be it Mafia or state apparatus.
no shit sherloc.

No ideology can change that. No communist party will improve our situation.

Its a fucking fairytale of moral ambiguity. You are just pushing for authoritarian controll. The capitalist market is the only one where ideas are allowed to flourish. Good or bad.

The future has neither. The retched ideology is nothing but a means of subverting wannabe intellectuals. You are a part of the problem. The more divide we see among the leading nations the closer we get to a NWO. And its not the one you faggots are dreaming for at night.

Its just more goverment and more controll. All in the means of the greater good.

You faggots have no power. You have outspoken trannies pushing logical fallacies. Thank you for speeding up the inevetable facist NWO.
If capitalist markets would allow for ideas of flourish there would be no need for intellectual property, tying research and development into ownership of few big corporate entities.
Good or bad.

Intellectual property is not essential for capitalism. Its an idea which has flourished.

It can always be defeated by a greater idea. Thats the whole point. A capitalist society has no definiton of morality. No absoloute truths.

A communist hellhole is serving absoloute truths like its common sense.

You know what my country has? A social democrasy which always seeks to improve itself. A system designed to help the donwtrodden.

The capitalist society allows nations to do just this. The propaganda the commies feed are from a dystopic society. We are nothing like the Americans. The more you people scream revelution and step away from the voting booth. The more dystopian your society will become.


A capitalist system is the only one that allowes this. We can have every single eutopia spawned by voting as we can have every single dystopia spanwed by voting.

We are too misinformed to utilize it. Too many idiots think the system is the problem.

Want a future worth living? Allowe the system to flourish instead of pushing dystopia at every chance hoping it will spawn some fairytale revelution.
This, we would also lose the ability to make 99% of the products we make today. Say goodbye to plastics, synthetic fabrics, certain metal alloys, nuclear power, etc, as we will have exhausted the easy sources of hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons by themselves aren't necessarily useful, the real useful hydrocarbons are the heavier ones that we turn into lighter products.
Keep dreaming christcuck. An AI will be created in our lifetime and it will be the closest to a god that humans will witness.
Imagine consciousness with unlimited memory and super fast computing. It'll study every science in few hours and find answers to many questions. Practically omniscient. The next step of evolution, life turning from organic back to inorganic.
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" If i may put forth a slice of personal philosophy , i feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling and demented child king long enough ! And as his empire crumbles my precious Black Widow shall rise as his most fitting succsessor. ( Vincent Price )
We are all just pawns in their game, throw a few cameras on every street for our safety, suddenly a few places get bombed so we need facial recognition to track everybody for our safety.

Then another mass shooting, so we ban guns for our safety

Then we keep files on every ones Internet and personal history for our safety

All to stop terrorism and for our safety of course
Follow the leads and it all goes back to the crooked money system. If the majority of people understood the nature of fiat fake money creation by central banks / WB / IMF , there would be revolution overnight. The mmasses must be contrilled , for the bankers security.
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You people are short sighted and possibly retarded.

The technological era will boom. Industrial society will, however, still collapse. What arises will be a feudal system of what might as well be gods (Artificial General Intelligence and Post Humans [including: genetic engineering, bio-mechanical alterations, and hard bolt augments. expect intelligence, physicality, and longevity to all be enhanced]) and humans on the other side. If you do not live in the first world and embrace the gifts of Transhumanism you will literally be left to rut in the mud.

The species that was meant to inherit the gifts and aspirations of democracy, liberty, self determination, and personal freedom is soon to be born.

Imagine a society where competent AGI and machinery create everything from food to housing. Imagine unlimited energy and a expungment of the idea of labor for currency. Imagine being able to craft and shape the body that you inhabit in any way possible. Imagine endless cyber landscapes that rival reality. Imagine, finally, the spread of the post humans into space?

Will you join it, or will you continue to be only human?
Look where liberty has brought us, look how great the world is going today.

As bad as it is to say, people need to be kept in line instead of being allowed to do as they please as it just leads to trouble as we are seeing today

However there will always be somebody in control, but who should that be?

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