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My first thread, so here goes. Pic sorta related

> Be me. WM veteran going to CSU in Commiefornia
> Be only "non Hispanic" white male in Crime and Delinquency class. 2 WF, and 2 "Hispanic" WM also in class. All else (25) are spics. No niggers or gooks.
> Work Night Audit until 7a (job) and have class at 12p, don't get sleep in between (but did sleep before work)
> Last week, be tired as fuck, but still convince myself to go to class since I missed previous 2 weeks.
> Get to class and unbeknownst to me, we have our first "midterm" exam that is worth 1/3 of our grade. (Should have known, but didn't look at syllabus since pretty much beginning of semester)
> OhShitFML.jpg
> Since I haven't been to class in 2 weeks, I haven't studied for shit, not even a cram session while driving to school
> Take test which is 1/2 written, 1/2 multiple choice
> Worry about my grade all week until yesterday
> Get to class and Jew Prof hands back exams and writes on board how many in class got A's, B's, etc.
> MFW I get 89%
> MFW only 4 others in class got better grades than me. Think maybe 1 gifted spic was among them.
> MFW 3/4 of class got C's and below. 4 managed to fuckin fail.
> MFW this is supposed to be upper division coursework, but I, having been up for like 18 hours prior to test and working a full graveyard shift, still managed to pass.

Higher education is a god damn scam. Why the fuck are we spending years upon years in school to get degrees for jobs when I can pass a test in a major course (CJ major) after absolutely no studying and having missed class almost half of the semester? On virtually no sleep, after a full days work?

Also, how are spics so fucking dumb? P sure the 2 White girls got 2 of the grades higher than me and one of the "Hispanic" White dudes got a grade higher than me, and then 1 smart looking spic. All the rest, including the 4 F's were spics. I'm sure of it.

So, what is it /pol? Is higher ed a scam? Am I just smart af? Or are spics just retarded?
I would say it's a combination of what you said, plus the university specifically sucks. Not all universities are easy like that.For example, I stopped having MCQ since my first semester.

This is probably a slide thread but ill bite.

Minorities and women have caused a continual lowering of the bar of academic standards since their integration. What makes matters worse is the collectivism and bureaucracy in education which puts the schools in a position to churn out garbage in order to get their budgets and other things as well as teacher and school performance. The industry is a scam but an education is not.

Not saying education is bad, only asking if our current institution of higher ed is a scam.

Also, not a slide thread. Kind of new to 4 Chan and not even sure what that js
>Be veteran
>Use acronym WM
>Not realizing that means "Women Marines"
>Not showing tits
>Criminal Justice
>Thinking Criminal Justice is difficult
>Calling ejukashun is easy because CJ is hard

Take a more alpha course like engineering and then you can say it's a scam.
Most people in actual intellectual majors don't have time for jobs/relationships because classes aren't based on feels faggot.

I mean holy shit, you wasted your GI Bill like most other dumbfucks who end up going criminal justice.
Schools in Australia have a Yr12 QCE test which give you an OP score 1-25 (gets you into uni).

Now at my school there are over 250 grade 12's,and only roughly 20 people sat the test. Students were literally told that if your predicted score was over 12, don't bother showing up for the test.

So our school, despite being one of the worst, got one of the best results in the country because out of 250, 20 sat the test of which they all scored better than 10
But the real question is: Who marked your test and did he/she know you are a spic?

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