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Take a look at this PJW video, the original one has 2kk views.
Now take a look at this version with Greek subtitles uploaded on a a Greek page. It has 1.5kk views!.
15% of the Greek population has watched it. It is incredible.
Were it not for the Greek reupload and greek subtitles not even half the Greeks would have watched. Follow this example..
File: 1474573902716.jpg (38 KB, 288x499)
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How do you know who watched it and they are not the same that already watched the original video?
Not saying there isn't a market for translations but you overestimate it shill.
File: command.jpg (22 KB, 300x300)
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you think 1.5kk of the original 2kk of the views on PJW are Greeks? Or even half that.

Or do you think 1.5kk views on a nobody Greek facebook page are from "internationals"

And you call me a shill even, gtfo you fucking imbecile
/Pol/ hates PJW lmao
not the point they can keep hating him, it was an example
>You call me a shill
Sure, you are shilling for your idea
Greek diaspora in the US and elsewhere. I wouldn't bet that the majority are Greek. Also kikebooks and jewtubes views statistics is fucked up. It should only count if somebody watched at least 3/4 of the video.
I know they're degenerate but thigh tattoos really turn my crank
we all shill for our idea and thoughts, that doesn't make any sense.
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So you understand what I wrote but still got triggered. RMYT

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