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I've been seeing this kind of thing a lot lately. Letters obviously written by the person who "found" them, espousing the exact political rhetoric the "finder" opposes. I feel like it's really easy to see through the fakeness of these. Why can't normies?
I'd be demanding to see the police report and calling for a full forensic investigation. If you're stupid enough to put your power level on paper and send it out, or create a false hate crime, you deserve everything coming to you.
Isn't it obvious?
Reliance on other entities to provide them their existence has destroyed their ability to think critically.

That is why politicians can promiss them anything and they will vote for them, even though deep in their minds they know they are being promissed lies, lies and more lies.

Social media makes it worse, because bandwaggoning and. by extention, virtue signalling can both be done with zero-effort.
Control of the flow of information is also a factor.
And then there are people who just want attention, and will do anything to get it.

>I know its probably fake but ill comment on it anyway because its disgusting
This is literally something I have heard someone say before.

Nuke the world, it's the only way.

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