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While we're speculating about Vegas, we havn't heard anything more about Charlottesville. Police never gave a motive, never told us if he planned it or not. We're told it was a deliberate terrorist attack, yet he's only charged with 2nd degree murder.

The same thing will happen with Vegas. They won't tell us shit, let the media create their narrative, and hope we forget, which we will in less than a week.
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everythings getting dropped but he's going into witsec until after the nationwide race riots
and yes that means everything is COMPED
Almost like it was staged..and they do not want anyone to know.
It was the collective plate that made the chopper crash.
Bubba didn't install the collective plate right
Good thing (((Field(s?)))) aced his evasive driving course, too...
Has there even been a court date announced? That should be a matter of public record, including which jail he's being held in. Neither are public.
He's in Ablemarle County Jail. Confirmed by Chris Cantwell, also currently imprisoned there.
They're going to have an incredibly hard time even getting Murder 2. The state is taking their sweet ass time building a case because they have to manufacture it out of whole cloth. Video evidence of Fields' car being attacked just prior to him gunning it makes it a lot harder to get anything higher than manslaughter. Fields will walk because they politically can't go for anything less than murder and he doesn't meet the criteria.
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Charlottesville Deputy Mayor Wes Bellamy is racist and evil.

Pics very related.
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False flag & the helicopter saw too much.

Made a thread on it:

[KB thread archives(take the time to read all OP's): http://archive.4plebs.org/_/search/boards/pol.x/subject/Knowledge%20Bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/%21%219O2tecpDHQ6/ ]
And the mayor is a Jew. No surprise there.

No surprise at all.
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It's being memory-hole'd because enough truth has come out to expose the Jew's original claims to be lies. Terrorism charges were dropped completely.

This is how the lying jew works; you spread the lie as hard and as fast as possible immediately, saturating the goyim minds with your misinformation. Truth trickles out far more slowly, through third-party channels that the Jew does not control. The truth only reaches a tiny percentage of the population, while the lie infects the majority. The truth does eventually come out, but vastly more goyim only hear the lie since the lying jew media will never spend any real time on a retraction or clarification.

It's been over two years since the lying jew spreading the lying nigger "hands up" myth was debunked utterly by both witness testimony, forensic evidence, and the under-oath statement of the very nigger that started the lie in the first place... yet the lying jew still continues to spread the lie. When you call them out on it they may initially hesitatingly agree that maybe the story isn't true, but then the next day they continue to spread the same lie like nothing happened.

It's almost as if Hitler did nothing wrong.

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