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Its always good to go over and review the basics and fundamentals so share yours below

Ill start
>leftists are fundamentally anti white
Many (((speakers))) like milo and ben shapiro will try to paint leftists as hypocrites that make special exceptions for non-whites but this is only half true. Leftists just hate white people and want to destroy them. For example, why do feminists focus only on white males and not islamists or rappers? Simple! They hate whitey. Same with gun control, they dont talk about gangs in Chicago, they only focus on the "dangerous white male". White Leftists at their core hate their ingroup and prefer the outgroup
>Straight guys can't enjoy sex with their friends
It's the ultimate redpill
In 1950, the population of Europe was double the population of Africa and the Middle East combined.

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The German Civil War after ww1

A large factor to Hitler's rise to power that is omitted from most history books is the German civil war. After WW1 Germany was in chaos and communists anarchists attempted several revolutions. Many of these commies were jews, this contributed to German disdain for jews as well as communists. I would apperciate other anons that know more about this event that could go further in detail, I only know the basics.
Black men have bigger dicks and white women have an insatiable hunger for them.
Ya see newfags, this is a classic Autralian shitpost. Do not get these confused with the nihilist types that dont want you to reproduce because it will interfere with their (((agenda))).
it's the same people dickhead
See, there he goes again! These australian "mates" have what are called epic "bantz"
zionists did 9/11
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[KB thread archives(take the time to read all OP's): http://archive.4plebs.org/_/search/boards/pol.x/subject/Knowledge%20Bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/%21%219O2tecpDHQ6/ ]
new pic Frank, google makes it sound like it's linked in with Graham Hancock type stuff

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