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Postmodernism is like a memetic virus. It destroys an individual's competence for reason and debate. I understand there's a need for a healthy hesitation towards authority, but it's frustrating as hell to have knowledge, training, and on the job experience in a field only to have it all questioned and eschewed by someone who doesn't know anything foundational about your place in society. They have facts, but no real knowledge.
I list it here in pol, because it seems to impact society en masse in America and I'm trying to find all the sources it has infested. This has a very real impact on social discourse and the political process, for if there isn't an ability to come to a logical, well reasoned conclusion society has no chance to develop positively any further.
Places I've seen its influence and their impact:
-University: The entire relationship between student and teacher seems invalidated at this point.
-Sciences: Antivaccines, gender/biological basis of the individual, everything related to race like you see here(which isn't to say some people take it overboard and don't know the difference between a stereotype and generalization).
I'm looking for more points of influence of postmodernism in society. It's like all the things we hate here are tainted with it and I've grown so accustomed to that particular though it's hard to comprehend it anymore.
Here's an archived link some pretty good comprehensive tenets of postmodernism and at face value I hope it's obvious why it's so destructive to our social structure. If not, I'll try to elaborate on the points.
Also a video with Peterson regarding the dangers of postmodernism and its problems:
>All the sources it has infested
Literally everything. The perception, that everything related to human interactions can be broken down to speech has enabled individuals whoes only attribute is speech to have power, and they will unlikely give it up by free will. It will not go away. Better learn how to use it and how to deconstruct it by its own means. btw, how did Jared Taylor manage to grow hair again or is this an old video?
I'm trying to find specific sources. Thanks for the reply though. The guy in the video is the sorting meme man Jordan Peterson, not the huwite Jared Taylor.
It would be easier to find phenomena that aren't yet infested by post modern paradigms than the other way around. Spontaneously I can't even think of anything that isn't somehow infected as in some way it always benefits people outside and inside a discursive bubble to expand said bubble to more individuals by any means. The only cure is maybe to attack the infinite linear growth meme and spread fear, so the bubble actors will rather start conserving than expanding.

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