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>Mass shootings follow a consistent pattern: The men who commit them have often experienced what they perceive as masculinity threats.

How do we solve the masculinity problem?

Get rid of goyim men. The women can stay
easy there talcum x
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Men don't turn to gun violence, nogs do.

Gun violence in America isn't an American problem, it is (like most things) a nigger problem.

White Americans murder less than Belgians, Canadians, and Finns.

Black Americans murder more than Haitians, Gambians, and Angolans.

Hilariously enough - this is including HISPANICS with WHITES!!


I totally forgot about pointing that out.

The REAL numbers (whites as whites and not whites + arabs + spics)... man, can you imagine?
>the pattern is consistent:

>they have often experienced something
File: kekey the mouse 4.png (95 KB, 700x1028)
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I like you Talcum X, we will keep you as court jester after DotR.
Kek what the fuck?
Nice projection I'll give him that much.
File: 4chan on male suicide.jpg (101 KB, 690x768)
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Feminists: "Who cares that 10s of thousands of men are killing themselves every year? Fuck their male privilege!"
Also feminists: "OMG a tiny handful of those men also killed other people why are men so terrible??"
>number of mass shootings is adjusted for outlier population sizes
>US has YUGE numbers of mass shootings across these fifty states, each as big as a modern european nation

gee willikers, Mister Fife, whoda thunk it we'd have such a large number compared to each of those single tiny nations
>is not adjusted
lmfao! all those things listed in that image are a cause of TOXIC MASCULINITY and PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY! Those are the things men are supposed to be and how they are supposed to behave because of the ideal image of the male society has developed which is male as the emotionally-cold house provider that can face life's challenges alone because he is the representation of a macho man (something like the Dirty Harry image of masculinity). Part of this culture is also to think women should be treated like kids and taken care of by males because they're incapable of fending for themselves. Feminists, at least the worthwhile kind, are trying to bring this damaging image down so you better support them or you're an idiot fighting in favor of what you're whining against. In fact, all this dumb /pol/ culture being promoted here is nothing but the perpetuation of that same BS. So excuse me while I laugh while you whine about the same thing you're helping construct.
#NotAllMen amirite?


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