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>Invited the jews back into britain, thus giving the house of Rothschild a stronghold to project their power from, which still continues to this day
>Took great joy in killing fellow Europeans & defiling their Nations
>Was probably a satan worshipper
>Some anglos STILL worship him solely because "muh rule the waves" even though he invited over the very people who turned england into a muslim infested shithole
Name Me a European who contributed to the destruction of the West in a bigger way than this cunt. (Protip, you can't.)
People didn't really have to worry as much about mass migrations back in the days before fast transport
>The eternal swede
Still how you see inviting jews back into your country when they had been Banned for good reason before as a good idea baffles me
That's why I think he was probably a luciferian pedo in contact with (((them))) he took too much joy in killing fellow Europeans not to be (I know that's an anglo pasttime, but still.)

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