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Westerns, how does it feel that soon you will live in a communist society? More and more people, especially young people support socialism and communism in your countries. The antifa is praised by media. Communism is normalised. There are thousands of parasites who have no abilities to create any form of prosperity and who are entitled to welfare at the same time.

In 10 years you will be living in a communist state. I'm talking not only to Europeans who are fucked (learn about Altiero Spinelli and EU) but also to Americans and Canadians.
>live in a communist society
that's not how communism works, kid.
>implying I wouldn't be shot on spot or starved to death
well, some people live in concentration camps, others are working on the field etc.
but you shouldn't joke about that because it may be your future if american people wont wake up and do something about it
>from each according to his ability, to each according to his need
communism is awesome because commies need bullets in the face and I have the ability to give them what they want!

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