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>sees themselves as the superior race
>kills faggots/trannies/dykes etc.
>women know their role in society
>kills everyone who oppose them (other religions/races etc.)
>criminals and degenerate scum are publicly executed
>wants to see themselves dominate the planet and be the one true ruler of them all
>every other religion/race is seen as unsuperior and are treated like shit
>people with different political opinions are openly mocked/harassed/assaulted and even executed
>the Muslim population is rapidly increasing and they grow stronger by the week

Why does /pol/ hate Muslims again? If anything, they're exactly like us. And they're slowly taking over the world. They're achieving world domination and will soon rule superior, and anyone who dares question them are set as "Islamphobic" and their reputation gets completely destroyed. It's literally anything a /pol/ack could dream for.
I'm a white guy. If I wanted to believe in some shit skins ideas from the Middle ages I'd go live in Saudi Arabia

Persians and Turks are better than Arabic Subhumans

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