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Good Morning Fellow Leafs, enjoy another edition of your favorite Canadian Daily: The Morning Genocide

Boycott the Jews, Always buy Gentile

Burgers busted for testing shit on us yet again. First you make us dispose of agent orange at the top of a water table, now this?

After Edmonton terror attack, Calgary residents rethinking the wisdom of having a mudslime mayor.

Man behind Edmonton attacks was definitely a good boy who dindu nuffin. Pro-Islam shilling at cbc reaching record heights

>Go to America
>Get shot
>Don't have travel insurance
What did he mean by this!?!

Natives have discovered a new thing to bitch about. Remind me why we didn't just kill them all? Could have been in space by now...

Minister Freeland claims she has time to read books in between the hits on the meth pipe. Subtly invokes holocaust, always remember the six gobrillion goyim!

Speak the Truth and Bend the Bow
The French are beginning to stand up, why haven't you?

Don't let yourself fall for the blackpill. The opioid crisis killing the bodies we need to take this land back.

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