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should we all be buying ammo in worry for nov 4th shit?

Do you think shit will go down or do you think ANTIFA will be shut down quickly when leaders are arrested quickly?

like most operations like this. once the leaders are gone, it falls apart and its just a bunch of angry hate filled people go away.
It will fall apart as soon as the ranks realize they will be unemployable felons forever Nov 5th

how would they receive Felony charges. JW
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Just remember to take your trash can into your garage.
typically you get felony charges after you’ve committed a crime and were subsequently arrested. I know, it’s a lot to follow
An anarchist organisation has leaders¿?
File: DLikLKRW4AAmAHJ.jpg (71 KB, 716x960)
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I've been stocking ammo for months and plan have a good time watching the action through my scope
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I thought that Asian lady was one of there leaders.
im not to sure about this Antifa ppl. they use fascist techniques to say ant fascist things...
Seems like. a dumb as fuck kinda thing.

im not a fan of fascism but the way they are going about this makes them look dumb as a box of dog shit cookies.
>antifa goons
They're all either full welfare state commies, or anarchists. They don't give a shit about employability. On the long list of things that could deter them that concern doesn't even warrant a footnote.

if they go to jail they get 4 hot meals and a cot.


for free on taxpayer money...

nothing big will happen just protesters facing minimal charges
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nice diggies
That's not a grenade launcher, but the cooling for the barrel, wtf.

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