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Wtf is this garbage and why does everybody ignore this type of stuff!? http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/opinion/trudeau-holocaust-memorial-1.4344114
>nobody knew this thing was being built
>Harper was the King of Israel
>the calm before the storm is Jewmpf’s Jewishness
>the comments!
>censorship galore
>here’s your momument for which we paid
>WAAAAAAAAAAAAA it’s not good enough! BOW MORE DEEPLY!
>can’t mention Israel always specifies their ponzi scheme donations go only to Jews and are the only reason for political correctness or indebting us in usury
This author is the drunken bloviating “comedian” Norm Macdonald’s brother. These self serving Russian bots actually think they aren’t divisive or despicable. Hitler created Israel. Rob Ford was a fat crack smoking nigger. Fuck the right. In pic related you can even see a little Maga Hat :). Read the headline when you open the article. Has nothing to do with the whining Jewry contained inside. Muslims are better allies for Christians. Fucking deal with it. You’re going to lose this spiritual battle and nobody cares about your secular piles of concrete. Everything you say is brainwashing
>complete silence as usual
>w-w-we’re b-b-based and r-r-red pilllled we dont even know what pillery signifies REEEEEEEEEE
>loses jobs; sends nukes flying
>muh shit from the last war we created while we make more; maybe with Iran
Wake up!
No wall. No nothing. No healthcare. Pays taxes to a man whom hides his. Hopefully mueller blows you out before the “storm”
Have a bump
>lgbt flag
Opinion discarded
b-b-but t-t-this is o-o-our board
>orange face
Not a human
>antichrist pissbed epstein putin pedo centipedo incest guy
>elected only by the electoral college, established in only 1890
>rainbows are signs of the covenant
>”president” is a grab ems sodomite backed up by luciferian frogger death cults
>reason we deal with isis; a fertility cult; same shit
You’re right beside a big threat there, worst korea. Why would you side against me? Do you have a death wish? Thank bibi. Tell me how you’re not Jim Jones. Aaaand. Go. Also
>not a mother fucking argument
You baby dicked gook
Commencing auto slide. Pull it
>lgbt flag
Opinion discarded
>sucks on baby penis
>says fuck all but the same fucking bullshit
It’s a leaf article. From leaf to flag and back again
>gets vapourised
Oh well
Just come to terms with your sexual abuse as a child and everything will be okay. Also,
>lgbt flag
Opinion discarded
You are jew slaves. Nobody in asia circumcises. Only you. Is that not abuse? You are the product of satan and the original vagina. An animal. Bestiality
Uncle Jerry was simply a horrible person, you didn't deserve any of it.
Ok seinfeld. Go invade them yourselves. Like your masters always bribing somebody else to do your dirty work
>satanic K pop flag; literal witch presidents
Opinions discarded before you even shilled in here for Masons
Blood libel
File: DhdBlHJ.jpg (68 KB, 1080x736)
68 KB
This was what you were truly meant to be attracted to. Your corrupted youth has left you irreparably broken.
This has nothing to do with your bullshit. Your dad is the devil. Without gays no women would go near you. Not that they do anyways. You broke the world in the beginning. With your serpentine vagina dicks. And you broke it now. You also killed Christ. Since you make excuses for blood libel all you do is may may to get paid and project. You are the pedophilic child murderer. You are why 500K kids go missing each year. You are why so many women rape and kill students and their children
Trump is fighting against everything you feel is wrong with how things are. The sooner you disconnect from the lies you have been fed, the sooner you will realize he is the last hope.

Wake up.

>P.S I don't give a shit about your faggotry, but don't let the company you keep because of it blind you to the truth.
What truth? We all know people are on edge. Any man who says he was a carpenter. Makes fun of the retarded. And whose grampa named himself Christ, is my enemy. I need to go back to doing other things that always benefit these slave drivers. Ill let you guys not talk about or ignore this
File: 1504636669518.gif (336 KB, 200x200)
336 KB
336 KB GIF
>it's a mentally ill homosexual types in disjointed word salads thread
You cant read the language. Fuck yourself. Try and tell people why or what “tripped you out” next time. What are you a cave man? Nice try Shlomo. Mental illnesses are fucken fake. You are a weed

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