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Why do humans make love the center of their existence?
Do people legitimately believe in soul mates and that one person in the world is "the one" and they'll live happily ever after?
Who's the fool who gave these people this idea?
Love is a nonexistent phenomenon only felt by Chads and Stacies who have had such easy lives they haven't bothered to even stop and think about it and have seriously have just gone with it without questioning reality for that long.
The only reason people think this way is because Christian marriages allowed couples the freedom of choosing their own partners rather than their parents choosing for them so they think true love exist
How do we stop the love meme from hurting more people? The only person who gains happiness from it are people who are so stupid that they don't even question it like I said.
Love is the reason people hate themselves and it's the reason people lose hope and quit their jobs when they can't find their "someone"
Even for the ones who are successful love is what blinds a man into thinking a woman she is perfect before she transforms into a succubus and divorces you taking the dog and house with her while all you get is the car. Beep beep faggot. Have fun sleeping in the passengers seats because your wife never loved you

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