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File: 1915germanpoland.jpg (73 KB, 500x341)
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First Reich the Holy Roman Empire
>new world is discovered
>spain builds giant empire and gets rich
>france does likewise
>england hops in and builds a cool new civilization over there
>lots of our people have gone and said its sweet
>we get really jealous
>we cant join in because we are a decentralized conglomerate of independent kingdoms lacking the ability to field a powerful navy
>prussia decides to fix this problem by conquering everyone else
>it takes 270 years

Second Reich the German Empire
>finally one centralized german nation under prussian leadership
>our society is deeply twisted by how fucking violent that was
>its also way too late to build a navy or a colonial empire
>better idea
>lets build a land empire by conquering our slavic neighbors to the east
>this will make us rich and powerful like britain
>then we can build a navy like britain
>then we can rule the world like britain
>also fuck the slavs, they're no better than africans, indians, or native americans so the other great powers shouldn't have a problem with it
>lets go
>our awesome seasoned army of warloving prussians heads east to take poland from the russians
>britain and france try to stop us
>send the army west
>british navy blockades us
>war of attrition
>three years in
>russia capitulates
>they give us all the land we wanted
>we start clearing out the slavs to make room for germans
>we just might make it through this thing
>eastern army goes west
>we almost make it to paris
>the americans realize they like the status quo
>they intervene and stop us
>fuck. didnt expect that.
>pray the british will forgive us for trying to unseat them
>they fucking dont
File: onelastbidforempire.jpg (304 KB, 1500x1038)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Third Reich
>we decide to try again
>because fuck the british
>fuck the french
>fuck the americans
>fuck the slavs
>they think they can have huge empires built on genocide and slavery but for some reason we cant
>all we wanted was to be their equal
>now we're mad
>now we want it all
>dont forget about how twisted we have become from all this
>we get hitler
>he brilliantly suggests removing the slavic element from our society in addition to conquering the slavs in poland
>this means the jews who are slavs attempting to invade german culture
>they epitomize the worst aspects of the enemy
>this means the holocaust
>can our souls bear it?
>yes, we've seen a lot of shit over the years. this is nothing.
>we make a second attempt at having an empire
File: hitler mad.jpg (354 KB, 1200x1200)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
The War
>it goes well, we conquer all of europe
>this time we dont have the benefit of instability in russia. we actually got super lucky last time in that regard.
>the russians eat away at us
>the americans join much earlier
>those weasel jews ended up being great at science
>they invent the atom bomb for america
>but not before the russian horde overruns us
>mfw the slavic people end up ruling half the world for the rest of the century because of this
>mfw the jews are dealt an invincibility card in press because of all this
>mfw all our enemies continue on stronger than before
>mfw the british just give up their empire anyway

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