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If you're a self-hating white communist, you are the worst of Shabbos goyim, probably indoctrinated in (((college))).

You're basically acting like Jews because you're following the Jewish manual, whether it's the Communist Manifesto by (((Marx))), Rules for Radicals by Saul (((Alinsky))), all the Frankfurt School bullshit from Jews like Marcuse, Adorno, Horkheimer...

You are the definition of useful idiots. The only ones who will benefit when whites are gone or if you get a "revolution" is Jews and no one else. Stop hating yourselves.

The thing is, leftists does not work, most neo-commies never worked in their life yet they claim to be "the working class".

They live with their parents, and their parents does not vote left.

Not to mention they like to cry about "ebil nazis" yet the nazis were actually "the workers' party" (which is today the name given to communists), nazis were the first socialists to succeed, between the capitalism and the communism.

Communism is a Jewish ideology for the goyim and used to install themselves as parasite rulers. They promise paradise but in reality communism is a way for Jews to have their "2800 slaves"
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