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I'm on my way to PR right now to support/take over people who have already been there for a month.

I refuse to step foot in San Juan. San Juan was the ONLY area getying any help or relief from the very beginning and this bitch gets on tv and says "we're dying" and "no one is helping us." Way to spit in the faces of the hundreds of people down there rebuilding your entire fucking city.

Meanwhile THERE ARE PEOPLE ACTUALLY DYING on the west and east coasts. But you don't hear them threatening us on national television. Mostly because they don't have the electricity or infrastructure to do it and the media is too chicken shit to go anywhere where it's actually dangerous.

Fuck you lady. Fuck you for making it seem like no one is there and no one is doing anything to help. I can't wait to go help literally every area but yours.
is san juan the rich area of that cockroach island
nah, the capital

if by "rich" you mean the only area with any money, then yes.

if you mean significantly more money than debt, then no
this is what librulism disease looks like
make her burn

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