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>Anti-abortion activists would not be allowed to protest within at least 50m (164ft) of a clinic or staff residence.
>The "safe access zones" could be extended from 50m to 150m by application; the law would also allow hospitals and pharmacies that provide abortion services to apply for a safe zone.
>Those convicted of violating the law would face a C$5,000 ($4,000, £3,000) fine and/or six months in prison for a first offence, or a fine of between C$1,000 and C$10,000 and up to one year in jail for second and subsequent offences.
>can legally murder your child with taxpayer dollars and get applauded by society for it
>you get arrested, fined, and jailed for disagreeing with it
Fuck leafs
Can't you be jailed for criticizing feminism there?
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>ban abortion protests
No, it's banning the obnoxious assholes getting up in people's faces as they're walking to get an abortion. It's not unreasonable to ask them to step back.

That being said, I agree with OP's pic and abortions should be illegal for whites but mandatory for non-whites.
You can if you call someone the wrong gender. So yeah if you say sir instead of attack helicopter - san
>No, it's banning the obnoxious assholes getting up in people's faces as they're walking to get an abortion. It's not unreasonable to ask them to step back.
Just like the protesters who block roads?
Stop being an idiot, these people always want to protest wherever they like, but now don't want their opponents to be able too
>women have a right, not only to kill their unborn child, but to do it with taxpayer money, after 20 weeks in Canada, and to do it without anyone criticizing them on site.
Can't you see this erosion of free speech will crack down on any and all right wing beliefs
I sympathize with frightened women. I can't help it.
>t. cuck
Unless you don't eat meat, you have zero moral ground to stand on.

This will make for useful information about what the leftists want once abortion is introduced in the upcoming referendum.
Well I have two possible philosophies.
>pro life
>anti war
>anti death penalty
But if we just accept that abortion is murder and it's good to prevent undesirables
>OP pic
>illegal for whites
>free for minorities
>also holocaust for real this time
Glad that my pronoun is Obergruppenfuhrer and the law forces them to respect it
>The University of Michigan has implemented a “designated pronoun” policy to allow students to choose the way they want their professors to refer to them in class.

>As a protest measure, one student created a new identity: “His Majesty.”

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