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Shut the fuck up, America.

Do you realize there is an elite cabal of world dominators who are pants-to-ankles over this whole debate? This is what they want: divide and conquer. /pol/ is playing right into their hands.

Pieces on a chess board must be separated into black and white, on opposite sides, in order to begin a simulation of battle. Right now you are a pawn, awaiting instructions from the hand which controls you. Whether you are left, right, commie, Nazi, or whatever the fuck "alt-right" means, you're part of the problem.

"MUH RUSSIA" did meddle in the election. Not by hacking servers, but by purchasing propaganda on both sides. Lots of money went into turning this board into a 'red-pilled' divisive tool, and turning social media into a liberal enemy of what you call truth. The goal was not to get a particular candidate elected, but to divide the people. And you fucking fell for it.

Putin, Trump, Hillary, all attend the same parties.

If you are so "red pilled," you would know that the person who holds offices has no power over the elite bankers and oligarchs who threaten to expose anyone who disobeys.

You want change? You want off the train? You tired of hiding your powerlevel? Then get the fuck out there and do something about it. As I recall, it was the "Anonymous" autists who started the Occupy movement. And that was considered blue-pilled hippie nonsense. So what happened? Why are we not marching? Why can't we come together?

Stop staring at your fucking screen. Go outside and let the world know that you're sick of it. Or are you scared?

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