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why dont any leftard ever support this idea?

seriously, why the need for civil law enforcing? are we fucking kids? do people and communities have 0 agency?

You can have a judicial investigation organ, like the FBI is supposed to be, but not a patrolling police force.

They are always chanting
>fuck the police

but when has ever a single one proposed seriously to have a society without police?

to be honest, I dont even think the transition would be that bad, people can and will that care of themselves.

btw like i said, i dont mean, have no law, i mean have no patrolling police force, if someone commits a crime, you report it to the FBI, then they investigate and see if any arrests and further process has to be made, just like it works now

when the police goes around poking for trouble, they find it, when have you heard of an FBI agent randomly stopping someone?
If no crime is reported, why police? if a crime is reported, the judicial system handles it, still, there is no need to have armed people patrolling around poking their noses everywhere and creating trouble where there was non
bump you fags, i m not trolling
last bump just in case, dont you libertarians like this?

why do the left wants to ban guns? i say we get rid of the patrolling police, have people self police

keep the FBI
btw i know fbi is at a federal level, but you know what i mean

have the judicial systems of each state handle it, the police is not part of the judicial system, at least where i live, the police are under the executive branch, they serve basically as public security guards, why do we need them?
This could certainly work in a homogeneous society.
>Why do Police have to patrol?
To prevent crime, you literal brainlet.
exactly, its just a deterrent, but it doesnt actually work

for the police to stop a crime, they would have to be there by chance, if not, by the time you call them, the criminals are gone anyway, by that logic is better to have an armed citizenry
The police are all leftists, at least all police leadership are leftists, so the left won't do anything to slow down their muscle, or disturb their own backup. Even the right is too cucked to support this idea, even though it would be in our best interest.
You can't prove how many potential crimes are referred by having Police patrol, but you could make a good case for it being many. Take a look at any country where the Police have been on strike.

Also having them on the streets makes more sense logicstically, reduced arrival times and such.
Referred = deterred
Yeah, let's have a police-free week, see how that turns out. A couple of hours in and most cities will look like warzones as looters fight each other for shit they find in the streets, while people are openly being murdered and raped.
idk, personally i dont even see them much, i think its wasteful trying to use a "radar" approach, by patrolling man power

In my case i dont commit crimes, 1st because i dont want to hurt fellow people, but if that wasnt the case, I dont commit crimes out of fear of getting caught later, being catched on camara, etc..., not out of fear of getting caught in the moment

and all of that investigation is done by the judicial system, (in my case), the police only function as "security", and escorting, arresting people, but after the arrest, its all the DA

and that is the real deterrent, being caught in the moment by the police is bad luck, happens very few times
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What do you think groups like BLM and Antifa are actually going for. Haven't you noticed that everything these niggers are protesting and saying the end result seems to be that they don't want to be policed and want to be able to commit any crime they want? FFS why would a nation be up in arms about some dindu heroin dealer running from the cops and pulling a gun on them getting shot and killed?
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>Be leftist
>Somehow get rid of all law enforcement
>Get completely and utterly obliterated from the face of earth by the right wing
Gee I wonder why.
i really dont think so, if the social "crime urge" was that bad, police wouldnt be able to do anything anyway
File: 1465012327005.gif (997 KB, 230x230)
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It is that bad and they cant keep up. Why do you think cities like chicago, baltimore, STL have INCREASING murder rates and other violent crime rates? How fucking underage are you?
The niggerculture problem in the US is approaching uncontrollable levels.
no but that is exactly the point, by removing patrolling, you remove the excuse of "oppression", and the deterrent would be that most people are armed, + camaras everywhere so that even if you get away, the judicial finds you later

criminals would be stopped by people on the act, after a few hundred dead criminals, i assure you people will think it twice
well, in those niggerville cases you can deploy the national guard to restore order, kill the most violent ones, the other will adapt, or die
but it wouldnt be permanent
If you haven't already you should look up how "policing" was done 200 years ago in the U.S.
i am guessing they used a lot of rope, lol
>why dont any leftard ever support this idea?
They do. jewgle 'abolish police,' it's all leftists.

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