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File: veganflytrap.jpg (65 KB, 630x368)
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As usual we have feminist and nigger threads. Let's get some hate-diversity in here and make fun of the vegan cucks.
>willingly forsaking bacon embedded in pannenkoeken
A fate worse than death.
I hate them more than you do
I hate them the most
File: 1507298231773.png (176 KB, 658x545)
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176 KB PNG
no me
vegetarian here, I hate most.
12-18-21 Animal Liberation Day is an event on kikebook I saw recently in which these vegan faggots think their protest on said date will result in meat consumption being eradicated world wide. Do your best lads.
File: lolniggers.jpg (215 KB, 472x1636)
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God I really hate vegans a lot. Its the most obscure group to hate, why do so many of you hate them so much :(? It makes me less cool. I was the first one who hated them a lot!

You know how much I hate them? I hate them so much that when they came to /fit/ I completely went berserker, whatever knowledge I had of science, and how to read journals, and digest information, I forcibly taught more to myself, and then tried to find memetic attack vectors solely just to piss them off. Which took 3 months of my life, most of my attention and a fair bit of missing sleep.

Thats how much I hate them. Look at pic related. The product of pure productive hatred. Whoever said that love conquers all is fugging wrong. Hatred treads on everyones hearts and turns them into ashes!
But meat consumption helps all those little cows to reach heaven, where they can play all day and get away from those bad vegetarians that eat their food.
My general opinion is Vegans are some of the biggest fucking faggots on this planet. But that's just me.
thats because most of them are leftists

File: VEG_RECIDIVISM_7_EDIT2.jpg (1.03 MB, 1242x4526)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
also my pastebin, with the kind pasta and sources of other meat loving anons
They mostly justify it with the post humanitarian mindset.
They couldnt live in the wild.
They are the minions of the state.
I hate them too

You mean a carnie cuck denial thread? These are my favorite.

>meat isn’t killing me
>vegans don’t have higher testosterone (they do)
>I have 2 somewhat sharp teeth, I am a wolf
File: 1501434735131.jpg (381 KB, 1300x1364)
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381 KB JPG
I could have been sleeping you know, why do you make me do tis.
File: 1504529953317.jpg (96 KB, 600x600)
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y oh y

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