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File: guncontrolworks1.jpg (70 KB, 536x536)
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gun control is a fascist plot that has roped in the leftists who will be first in the gas chambers

never surrender sovereignty
never surrender self-defence
never surrender your right to kill the tyrant

kill all nazi scum
Lenin said , "Democracy means a gun in the shoulder of every worker" , and called for the creation of Soviets of armed workers,only after his detah and the succes of the revolution arms were limited to the common man (although there were still councils of armed workers mantained)
Mao also armed them , creating the PLA and the Red guards saying "Power grows from the barrel of a gun" (and only after his death the gun control laws started in China)
Cuban workers were armed in order to defend the revolution, against a possible invasion/counterrevolution.
>Lenin said , "Democracy means a gun in the shoulder of every worker"
he was right
File: guns copy.jpg (43 KB, 480x480)
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>gun control is a fascist plot
Gun control was loosened in Germany (except against Jews). A fascist society desires strong men who aren't sissies around guns.
only when you have the state's cock five feet up your ass
i hope your state gives you the death penalty you subservient little cuck scum
File: combat.jpg (152 KB, 1000x550)
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152 KB JPG
You faggots have allowed gun control to reach the level it has today. Where is your revolution? They'll ban bumpfire stocks, and AR-15's, and you will do nothing, like always. You'll just take it up the ass and complain.
You don't want to end up like those butterknife bongs who aren't even allowed to carry mace for self defense.

I bet you think "Democrats are teh real racists!" too.
Hitler didn't control guns except banning kikes manufacturing, purchasing or selling them

tired of this obvious jew lie to conflate hitler with commie dictators who did oppress their people
The state's about to rape you the other way, snake retard. Bumpfire will be banned, soon full auto will be banned in all states. You will do jack fucking shit just like you did jack fucking shit about the AWB in the 80s.
Qaddafi did nothing wrong, unironically

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