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I know I know some of you fags will say this is /sp/ teir BUT! What other sport in America or other countries still conciders fat and obese nig nogs etc. as “Athletes” , all the health issues that being obese and even overweight can cause, how is there less focus on overweight fucks in Football. I mean you can still be a big guy naturally and be healthy , there’s a lot of big dudes that have trophy wives. Just wanna see what /pol/ thinks about fat kneeling linemen in the NFL.
No idea who this is because I don't watch niggerball whatsoever. Even the SuperNigbowl
Offensive linemen are the third best paid position in the game. Defensive tackles, fourth. There's obviously more to it than being hard to move, else some of you obese NEETs would have multimillion dollar salaries too.
Always wondered myself
>focus on niggers kneeling
>focus on head injury from poor tackling form
No focus on obesity or effort to down size players. No interest in dressing top causes of death in US

You have no idea what you are talking about or the reason why that man is the size he is.

If you would like for me to elaborate, I will.
File: 1479012609290.png (65 KB, 408x458)
65 KB
NFL linemen are smart and have to think well atleast the centers.
Yeah you can account for genetics and being vey tall.
But why does NFL promote being a fat fuck as a athlete

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