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I'm not an armadillo. I fly to Japan whenever I want. I get my sushi comped. $100,000 isn't a lot of money to a guy like me I mean not all of us work at taco bells.

Why do Taco Bell employees fuck up something as simple as putting fire sauce in the fucking bag when I'm the type of guy that spends $1000 on a blue crab sushi roll.

Did Taco Bell corporation cause this crime? Was John a Taco Bell cashier? How did he know that this would happen and all fingers would point to Taco Bell as a terrorist organization?

I just read that bal bin wan al-bulomi of Taco Bell corporation was on the 43rd floor of the four seasons and watched this massacre unfold because Jason Aldean ran his mouth on twitter about them forgetting his fucking drink 3 times in a row.

I smell a conspiracy.
kill all white people.!
fucking hilarious
I'd imagine that Taco Bell stocks will plummet once CNN gets word on Tuesday morning that Taco Bell is owned by an ISIS operative.

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