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I'm Jewish ok, if you were a true European nationalist you would respect Jews since Jews have been a long part of European history. Jews have stood with Europeans for many many years. I think a true nationalist would have respect for the Jewish people.
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The thing is that jews don't respect European identity, they want to subvert it. Its inside their DNA. I wish we could live in peace, but it is up to you not to fuck up our countries.

A good begining would be to start expeling the muslims. You have to notice that we get along with chinks and more or less with spics, but somehow jews always get into the media or politics and try to drive our countries following their interests, their communist scale of values and against us. In the long term this leads to tensions (you can start feeling them now) but remember, we, europeans never really try to clean our wounds, what we do is we clean our countries of people who wounded us.

So in short: it's up to you. But it might be too late... just stop fucking us.

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