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I think the #1 problem with this world is nobody listens to anyone anymore or feels that their opinions may be wrong. This is obvious in politics but extends to other places. My friends who disagree with me politically never ever consider anything I say even when I try to approach them fairly and open minded with no hostile intent. When I debate with people, all thats going on in their minds is "Is he done talking yet so I can ignore what he said and say my part". But this mindset infects every debate you can have. I had a argument about hottest actress in the world and people wouldn't listen to anything I said and just waited their turn to spout their 5 minutes of opinion. Social media is the culprit here. Everyone is used to airing their one sided opinions on anything and never considering the opinions of others. The egotistical part of our brain is firing on all cylinders 24 hours a day. This is how humanity dies,
kill all white people!
Try this. Argue a third option mid conversation and if they don't respond appropriately call them out. Plan B: Kill yourself.
The discussion is over. There is nothing left to talk about.
These are the same people that think a child can change sex, they never matured themselves to develop complex opinions
so they assume a child can make a life long decision
I honestly think >>144417950
is right. No one wants to debate anymore even if you point out hypocrisy. I have caught many liberals flat out lying and they still arrogantly and smugly smiled and kept debating and the act of lying or being caught didn't bother them. It's almost like a sociopath but I feel what goes on in their minds is "I am right so it's ok to lie".
>be retarded
>be angry when friends ignore your retarded ass

I see no problems here
I'm not retarded. I just try my best to make my friends less rigid politically but they refuse.
>I had a argument about hottest actress in the world
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I was arguing Eva Green if it matters.
Ugly jewess
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>i-it's not me, it's them!
All actresses are Jewess

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