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I sometimes enjoy reading the New Yorker, but for such a "smart" magazine, why do they prostrate themselves in the face of minorities? Do they really consider Brianna Wu a tech expert or a serious congressional candidate, or are they afraid to oppose the opinions of a transgender?
kill all white "people"!
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>(((New Yorker)))
>enjoy reading the New Yorker
how could you enjoy that?
I used to work in journalism. The media was always this way, they just had much more power before. Like William Randolph Hearst said, he liked journalism because "you can crush a man with journalism."

Stripped of their power they just look ridiculous. That's the only difference.
they sometimes have interesting journalism when it isn't obviously one-sided, and their fiction and poetry is sometimes interesting
>white "people"

So like the Jews and light skinned Hispanics? I think I can get on board.
>or a serious congressional candidate

i mean, he's probably gonna win. i live in MA district 8. this area is cucked to death and filled with nigs.
True story:

>go to local market/drugstore/etc
>go to magazine rack.
>look at new yorker cover
>if cover is anti trump/ anti right
>look at the cartoons
>while I browse the magazine for cartoons
>either RIP some pages or spit in the magazine
>put magainze back in rack, ruining the magazine
>repeat next time i'm in the store.

I don't usually take lefty techniques, but this one sort of grew on me.

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